War in Ukraine ‘The Families Who Fled’ documentary for Sky News

A new documentary on Sky News tells the stories of those forced to flee the war…

“Nothing will ever be the same again. Everything is divided into before and now.”

These are the chilling words of Evelina Bondarenko, a 28-year-old Ukrainian woman who braved the starkest of choices – to flee her home or die. Evelina, along with her young daughter Dina, features in a new Sky News documentary that looks beyond the fighting in Ukraine and at families who have been forced to make life-changing decisions in minutes.

In a war that has taken so much from so many, War in Ukraine: The Families Who Fled features stories of loss, love and sacrifice that will take viewers into the very heart of this conflict – where dreams of a safer future motivate people to do the extraordinary and face the unimaginable.

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War in Ukraine: The Families Who Fled will air on Sky News tonight at 9:30pm and will then be made available on the Sky News YouTube channel.

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