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Celebrities are going under the needle in a bid to look and feel better than ever


Celebrities are going under the needle in a bid to look and feel better than ever

 There has been a huge rise in celebrities shunning invasive procedures and cosmetic surgery and reverting to their natural beauty.

Stars, such as Amy Child’s, have spoken out about their regret over cosmetic surgery and going overboard on Botox and dermal fillers. This has seen them begin to reverse their procedures and opt for more of a natural approach to beauty & skin care by having specialist treatments to not only help with the signs of aging but also with other common concerns like stretchmarks or sagging skin.

Christine Mcguinness, Amy Childs, Duncan James, Stephanie Davis & Nicole Sealey have all opted for the non-invasive approach to beauty recently by jumping on the Microneedling/RF movement and having 3D Dermaforce treatments.

3D Dermaforce is an advanced method of skin rejuvenation that stimulates the body’s natural healing process to encourage collagen production in the dermis resulting in rejuvenated and tightened skin, reduced wrinkles, minimised appearance of stretchmark and help with the overall appearance of the skin.  

Amy Child’s is known for her glamourous appearance and has never been shy about the treatments she has undergone, but as a busy mum of two who wants to set the best example for her children it is not always easy to find treatments that really work and leave you feeling great.

In a recent Instagram post the 31-year-old TOWIE star raved about her 3D Dermaforce treatment & shared a video of the process.  Amy’s mum, Julie joined her for a treatment and revealed that she will be having a full body course soon to help with skin tightening after her recent weight loss.

Another star of the small screen who has been sharing her beauty regimen after having a horrific time with her skin is Stephanie Davis. The Hollyoaks actress spoke out about how her skin condition became so bad that she would not leave the house because of how awful her skin had become. The condition was so painful and how her skin would shed like a snake and left her face burning. After sharing her problem to her 968k followers she was approached by a local clinic offering 3D Dermaforce. After just 1 treatment Stephanie noticed a huge improvement in the overall appearance of her skin.

Boyband star, Duncan James, is known for his good looks and it is obvious that he takes good care of himself, so it is no surprise that the All Rise singer has been having the latest treatment to maintain his complexion.

Whilst we all assume the face is the area that needs to be the focus of treatments, Real Housewives Of Cheshire Star, Nicole Sealey has shown otherwise! The Businesswoman and mother of 3 has been having her knees treated to help restore tightness after her incredible weight loss.  

A spokesperson for the clinic told ATV Today Lifestyle:

“Each treatment takes 30-60 minutes, depending on the area being targeted. You can get remarkable results in 1 treatment; however, it is recommended to have a course of 3 treatments to see the maximum benefits, an annual treatment is also recommended for the best long-lasting results.The non-invasive treatments offer results that can be seen immediately and last for up to 5 years.  During treatment, the radio frequency energy is delivered through the insulated needles allowing precise delivery to the dermis while protecting the epidermis layers of the skin. This helps reduce wrinkles, minimise the appearance of stretchmarks, treat sun damage & pigmentations and help with the overall appearance of the skin.

Treatments are £350-700 RRP and are available at 30 specialist clinics throughout the UK.”

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