Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 11th May

Your Pick of the Plots for Wednesday, May 11.

Ben is uncomfortable as a suspicious Jack questions him about what happened last night. Jay spots what’s going on and confronts Ben forcing him to admit he is responsible. Jay tries to make Ben see sense but he stands by his actions.

Later in Walford East, Ben and Callum celebrate their anniversary and things look up for them when Ben agrees to the idea of moving into Sharon’s old flat. However, as they go to share the good news with Kathy, Ben’s face drops to find Jay there – he’s told Kathy everything.

Meanwhile, with Sam’s threat hanging over her, Denise visits Phil in the hope that he will rein his sister in. Back home, Denise joins forces with Jack as they give Sam her marching orders.

At the salon, Kim livestreams some expensive new products, while Howie struggles to tell her how he really feels. Later, Denise is mortified to find that the salon has been robbed.

Elsewhere, Zack gives Linda an ultimatum. Linda finds out that Mick has been researching intimacy issues.

EastEnders, BBC One, 7.30pm

On behalf of Peter, Carla tries to make amends with Mr Thorne but she is shocked when he asks her to dinner.

Later, Peter’s horrified to read a message from Mr Thorne telling Carla that he is looking forward to their dinner. Peter tells Carla that he intends to make him pay.

Meanwhile, Aaron assures Summer that he’s in no way judging her, but reckons it’s best if they don’t see each other outside of the support group. In her bedroom, Summer looks at her reflection in the mirror, hating what she sees.

Elsewhere, Leanne suggests Imran and Toyah to have a naming day for Alfie.

Also, Tyrone invites Fiz to watch a TV programme with him, what will she say?

Coronation Street, ITV, 8pm

Charity is panicked.

Meanwhile, Gabby is living in fear.

Elsewhere, a shot is fired in the woods.

Also, Moira tries to get to the bottom of a situation.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7.30pm

The group of friends’ wild night out catches up with them in the form of hangovers and in Cleo’s case, a missing boyfriend.

Eric tries to hide his involvement in Joel’s absence by implying he saw him leave with another woman, but how long will the truth stay hidden?

Memories of the night before rush back to Zoe and she hurries to delete her embarrassing voicemail from Sam’s phone. Later, she and Sam make a change to their relationship.

Meanwhile, Serena reaches out to Clara as a last resort. Dave makes a shocking discovery in Serena’s bag.

Elsewhere, the attention Saul gets in his uniform starts to bother Grace.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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