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Best European City for a quick break


Best European City for a quick break

London, Paris or Rome?

Jet setters, travellers, and explorers. Whatever the purpose of your travel trip may be, it is evident that we are more hungry to travel, see the world and experience new cities more than ever.

Data from Barclaycard showed improvements in spending on travel and international holiday bookings. Consumers’ spending grew by 18.1% in April. Travel agents and airlines had the best month since the onset of the pandemic two years ago.

Also a new trend emerging revealed that we are more after short city breaks rather than long holidays. As Hays Travel reported demand for city breaks and people pre- planning their trips further. Which was the perfect opportunity for us to uncover, the perfect list of city breaks through insightful data.

Retailer Charles Tyrwhitt produced this index that discovered the Best European City Breaks. We delved into the cost of flights for a round trip from Manchester on Sky Scanner. Followed by the number of bars in each city. The average cost of a pint, the number of hotels, combined city hashtags on Instagram and the number of activities to do in each city. From this we were able to finalise a rankings table to see which city came out on top for the best quick city break. Just what we all need from time to time.

Top Ten

Country Capital City Cost of Flight (round trip from Manchester) to city Number of Bars in city Number of Restaurants in city Cost of pint of beer in city Number of city hashtags Number of hotels in city Number of things to do in city Index
United Kingdom London £100 1,054 20,311 £5.00 152,036,400 4183 8,057 81.80
France Paris £45 411 17,478 £5.79 131,394,700 2,486 7,828 60.77
Italy Rome £34 382 11,166 £4.09 27,911,500 7,887 5,726 55.63
Spain Madrid £15 587 11,735 £2.58 44,775,000 1,608 3,370 47.29
Czechia Prague £106 633 5,448 £1.36 17,667,300 2,423 3,877 46.08
Germany Berlin £129 505 6,298 £3.26 49,100,200 1,467 3,241 39.53
Portugal Lisbon £71 193 5,032 £1.72 10,322,896 1,965 2,914 34.01
Hungary Budapest £95 248 3,113 £1.43 14,399,300 1945 2,302 33.26
Netherlands Amsterdam £54 265 4,064 £4.30 34,045,600 1,260 2,948 28.28
Poland Warsaw £63 133 3,309 £2.24 12,124,600 1,124 1,344 25.36


I have attached the full data set within this email, where you can see how the rankings were weighted and the full methodology.

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