Lido ladies aim to get the nation taking a dip

Inspiring the nation to dive in…

Jessica Walker and Nicola Foster are two fifty-something ladies who love to swim – especially in Lidos. Oozing with positivity, frivolity and eccentricity, their mission is simple: to encourage everyone, no matter what age, size or ability, to enjoy a swim for both their physical and mental wellbeing. Because after all, how can anyone be grumpy when donning a flowery hat at their local outdoor Lido?

A family tragedy left Jessica (56) suffering from chronic anxiety until she found an oasis of calm in a busy world in the form of her local Lido. After years away, she returned to the pool and what started as a quick dip, became almost a daily meditation. Nicola (55) swam competitively in her youth, but after living behind a corporate desk, reached a point where her joints began to creak. Following some encouragement and persuasion from Jessica, Nicola got back into the water and as the Lido warmed up, so did she. The pair have not looked back since – swimming and laughing in equal measures, resulting in both their physical and mental health being in the best shape of their lives.

During the first UK lockdown when Lidos were closed to the public, the ladies created a fantasy Lido world, and entertained followers on Instagram with images that embraced the retro glamour of the golden years of Lidos – and they did it with pure panache! Their pictures followed the news headlines in their idiosyncratic style and lifted the nation’s spirits amidst the gloom of the pandemic.

Their contagious attitudes and passion for outdoor swimming have seen them grace the covers of The Guardian and The Times, feature on both ITV News and BBC News, secure regular guest slots on BBC Radio London, and even appear in both The Telegraph Photographer’s Pictures of the Year, and BBC UK: Year in Pictures 2020. Their 2021 “Postcards from the Lido” calendar campaign in support of mental health charity MIND has completely sold out, and they are now set to tour the UK’s existing Lidos when they re-open.

Equipped with appliqué flower hats and inflatable flamingos, these two women are determined to bring back the joys of Lido swimming, injecting a wave of confidence to those who have lost it, and serving as a reminder to us all that we are never too old to make a change for the better. The Lido Ladies want us to fall in love with Britain again, rediscovering the delights of a good staycation and reintroducing the community spirit, fun and culture (not to mention iconic art deco architecture) of our beloved Lidos, at a time where both travel and income are compromised for so many.

The Lido Ladies:

“We have a passion for life and Lidos, swimming and having fun. We want to continue to inspire others, especially women of our age, to move more, embrace themselves and reap the benefits of a quiet moment in a busy world. Let us take you on an adventure and a dip in an outdoor pool. You’ll be surprised what you discover as you experience the romance of La Dolce Vita era and the joy of British waters!”

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