Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont return to Dave

Let’s Meet The Richardsons once again…

UKTV has announced that it has commissioned two new series of award-winning sitcom Meet the Richardsons.

Lucy Beaumont:

“UKTV oh my gosh I can’t quite believe we are going to do more series of a show that has made Johnny Vegas become my stepdad, Jon lose a hamster, my mum scrap with Beverley Callard and David Tennant walk off set. Who knows where series four will take us? (I won’t be sat daytime drinking with Leeds fans as Jon would like).”

The deal will see a total of twenty episodes aired in a forty-minute slot.

Married comedians Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont will return to give viewers a peek into their madcap daily lives. The comedy series, previously created by Lee Hupfield at Second Act, will now be produced by Manchester-based King of Sunshine Productions with Lee Hupfield and Eddie Stafford remaining at the helm to produce and direct the series.

The series is written by Lucy Beaumont (Hullraisers) and Tim Reid (Car Share).

Jon Richardson:

“The pedant in me would like to point out that by the time you get to series four, you aren’t really “meeting” the Richardsons anymore, so much as being stuck in a relationship with them whether you like it or not.

“The optimist in me obviously wants to say how thrilled he is and how much he hopes people enjoy the new episodes, but I don’t have an optimist in me, so perhaps it’s best I keep my mouth shut. Thank you Dave, and thank you to Lucy and Tim for continuing to generate ideas which see me humiliated in front of my idols.!”

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