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Gary Numan, Nina Simone, Spike Milligan, Laurie Lee and Cleo Laine for Sky Arts


Gary Numan, Nina Simone, Spike Milligan, Laurie Lee and Cleo Laine for Sky Arts

Sky Arts are to air a host of documentaries uncovering brand new stories of artists past and present.

One-off special The Numan Method coming this summer will chart the comeback of pop icon Gary Numan who appeared on stage at Wembley earlier this month after a 40-year hiatus.

This will be followed by new series of documentaries, Lost and Found, an anthology of films spotlighting previously lost or undiscovered footage and archive material from the lives of singer-songwriter Nina Simone, poet Spike Milligan, writer Laurie Lee and singer Dame Cleo Laine.

Phil Edgar Jones, Director of Sky Arts:

“Getting under the skin of the process of creation is always a fascinating process and with this new raft of programming we can promise some incredible insights. In The Numan Method Gary Numan reveals how he used his neurodiverse super power to create truly original music; and with Lost and Found we’ll be taking some incredible journeys into the lives, minds and themes that occupied some visionary artists. We hope this will entertain and inspire the Sky Arts audience.”

The Numan Method

On 7th May 2022, 40 years after he last played there, pioneering pop synth legend Gary Numan returned to the Wembley Arena for the comeback of a lifetime.  It was his first performance at the world-famous venue since 1981, when Gary shocked his fans by announcing his retirement, stalling a meteoric rise which had included two number one hit singles and three number one albums.

New documentary The Numan Method accompanies Gary on his road back to Wembley. With unprecedented access to Gary, his family and friends, it tells the moving story of a young man struggling to cope with the pressure cooker of fame, and unable to believe in his own immense talent.

With the amazing help and support of his wife Gemma, Gary found strategies to regain confidence, focus the ‘superpower’ of undiagnosed Asperger’s and return, finally, to Wembley – now a deeply respected original artist and a stronger, happier fulfilled person.

Featuring Dave Grohl, Jean-Michel Jarre, Trent Reznor, Hans Zimmer and Gazelle Twin.

Lost and Found

A brand new anthology of documentaries bringing to light previously lost footage, interviews and archive material to unearth new stories about some of the most famous figures in the worlds of music, literature and art.

Featured in this series are a lost album from iconic singer-songwriter Nina Simone, discovered in an attic and brought back to life; never before aired film, interviews and scripts from inimitable comedian and poet Spike Milligan; unseen footage from the only TV interview ever given by Cider with Rosie writer Laurie Lee, and a tell-all interview with award-winning jazz, pop and classical singer Dame Cleo Laine accompanied by previously unseen footage from her own private archive.

The Numan Method and Lost and Found will air later in 2022 on Sky Arts.

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