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River City: Mulvaney turns to Bernie for support

Pick of the Plots

River City: Mulvaney turns to Bernie for support

This week in Shieldinch…

Monday: As nervous Karen eases another uncomfortable twinge in her tummy as she anxiously awaits her pregnancy scan appointment. Alex offers words of comfort but stirs up unease by announcing he has an unexpected business meeting to attend first. Worried he’ll not make it back in time, Karen fears she’ll need to go to the hospital alone.

Later, when Alex gets side-tracked by a medical emergency, he is forced to break his promise. At the hospital, Karen is faced with devastating news about her pregnancy. Elsewhere, Mulvaney struggles to adjust to life after the priesthood. Despite Bernie’s best attempts to boost her friend’s mood, Mulvaney feels downbeat about his future.

When Mulvaney falls ill in the street, Alex rushes to his aid and takes him to the Health Centre.

As Mulvaney waits to see the doctor, Mikey offers support and opens up about the challenges he’s faced in life. As Mikey reveals feeling abandoned by his faith and family, Mulvaney realises they have more in common than he thought.

Maggie escapes family disharmony at home and bumps into Sonny who’s doing some DIY for Molly’s Corner. Whilst decorating. Maggie and Sonny bond over their mutual aspirations with an undeniable spark between them.

Wednesday: Suspicious Bob has been lying about his boxing training, Angus challenges his friend. Roisin is concerned when she discovers Bob has been put forward for a competitive fight and challenges her partner who reacts badly, highlighting his insecurities.

To Bob’s embarrassment, garage customer Tommy overhears everything and asks him about his boxing endeavours. Bob lies again but when Tommy reveals his true identity, Bob is left shame faced and is forced to face his fears.

Elsewhere, Ruby’s stunned when she gets a call offering her the coveted apprenticeship. As Caitlin and Ash revel in Ruby’s news, Maggie detects all is not well with her granddaughter. She takes Ruby aside who admits she’s worried she might be pregnant and knows she doesn’t want to go ahead with the surrogacy after all. Trapped in a controlling relationship, Nicole tries to reach out to Bernie but is intercepted by Darren. Fearing his reaction, Nicole stays silent.

With nowhere to live, Mulvaney turns to Bernie for support. When Suzie reveals herself and Bernie have the go ahead to move back into their flat again, Bernie spots an opportunity to help Mulvaney. However, her offer of a place to stay leaves Mulvaney feeling torn about the impact it could have on their relationship leading to a heart-felt confession.

River City, BBC Scotland Channel, Monday and Wednesday, 10 pm. Repeated on BBC One Scotland on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm.

Mulvaney turns to Bernie for support.

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