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Doctors: Princess’ lack of sympathy backfires

Pick of the Plots

Doctors: Princess’ lack of sympathy backfires

This week in Letherbridge.

Monday: Jimmi realises he’s slept through his chance for romance with Maeve, only to be given a chance to redeem himself. Ruhma goes with Valerie to her audition for the Letherbridge mascot for the Commonwealth Games. Princess returns from her lavish holiday but fails to shirk her responsibilities to Emma.

Diarmud Conroy is a well known and successful sculptor. His partner Patsy Walthe is also an artist and has been hugely supportive of Diarmud’s career until now. Diarmud has won the commission for a sculpture in the local sculpture trail, the theme of which is sprites. Diramud’s approach to this piece of work is a complete departure from his usual style and, as he has a terminal brain tumour diagnosis, Patsy is convinced that it is his brain tumour talking and not the Diarmud she knows and loves. Diarmud is struggling with the piece and isn’t able to engage Patsy to help him as she is appalled by what he is trying to achieve.

Tuesday: Al is being hauled over the coals by Daniel, is stressing about finding holiday replacement carers for his mother and leaves Scarlett in charge to look after a student patient he is monitoring. Scarlett naturally doesn’t know Chloe Webber and so has no idea if her condition has deteriorated or not.

The photographer walks out early on the photoshoot that Valerie is at as Leona the Letherbridge Commonwealth mascot. Valerie comes up with an idea that seems to save the day and she takes Jordan, the PR agent for the Letherbridge Commonwealth Games committee off around town on a spontaneous photo shoot using Valerie’s mobile phone. All is going really well until Valerie gets a bit carried away with Bully the Bull at the Bullring.

Nathan Jones was attacked late at night when he wasn’t meant to be out in town so he has never told his parents and has, therefore, had no emotional support. Gavin Thomas, a street cleaner, witnessed the attack but did nothing about it. Both come to Princess on the day that she is being assessed by Emma. Princess doesn’t seem very sympathetic to both of their plights and this backfires on her, which doesn’t go down well with Emma.

Wednesday: Princess needs to get Scarlett to help her with her mountains of paperwork if she is to go out with her friends this evening. Scarlett refuses to help because she is no longer on probation. Emma’s attacker has finally been caught.

Aminah thinks her wife doesn’t want to be with her anymore, but instead is shielding her from a devastating secret.

Doctors, BBC One, Monday to Wednesday, 1.45 pm.

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