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Iain Stirling talks ‘new’ Love Island


Iain Stirling talks ‘new’ Love Island

The comedian spoke to ITV’s Lorraine show earlier today.

The voice of Love Island, Iain Stirling, has exclusively revealed the biggest plot twist ever on the dating show – the first coupling will be decided by the viewers.

Ahead of the new series, which begins on Monday, Iain told host Christine Lampard, “I’m coming at you now with a big fat exclusive. We’re mixing things up this year I can tell you.

“This year, for the first year ever we want you guys at home to play Cupid, and you will have your say on which boy couples up with which girl. All you have to do is go over to the Love Island app right now and decide who you want to couple up with who.

“The poll is live right now, and the poll will close again tomorrow morning at 9am. It’s a fantastic poll, where you get to decide who’s being coupled up with who.”

Christine asked, “So we hold all the power for this week at least?”

“I feel like the viewers at home, yeah, you get to look at all the Islanders, get a vibe, see who you think suits who, or maybe who isn’t suited to who and put them together and we can watch the fireworks fly…”

Asked by Christine if this year was the sexiest Love Island ever, Iain said, “It’s sexy. Look at me, I’ve even got a white shirt on – I’m sexy this year, it’s unbelievable. I’d nearly undone this button but I was told I wasn’t allowed to, it was too early in the morning.”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV & ITV Hub

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