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Good Morning Britain celebrated the Platinum Jubilee with street party live from TV Centre.


Good Morning Britain celebrated the Platinum Jubilee with street party live from TV Centre.

On this morning’s show, presenters Ranvir Singh and Adil Ray were joined by a whole host of performers, young fans of the Queen and even a friendly pigeon.

Christine Lampard also got into the party spirit with a glass of champagne, popping in to enjoy the festivities before filling in for Lorraine Kelly on Lorraine. Singer Alexander D Great, who got a standing ovation from the judges on Britain’s Got Talent, performed an emotional number he wrote for the Queen “on behalf of the people of the Commonwealth”.

Adil met the maker of the Platinum Pudding, Jemma Melvin, who concocted the lemon swiss roll and amaretti trifle. Adil got stuck into the tasty treat exclaiming, “This is so good!” He also met Nureen Glaves, organiser of The Big Lunch, who said of the event, ‘It gives you permission to have community spirit. It helps you to make new memories – and it brings everyone together through food.”

Ranvir was introduced to some feathery friends thanks to Richard Chambers from the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, who revealed the Queen donated two pigeons to each school that raises pigeons in the United Kingdom – with five joining in GMB’s Jubilee celebration.

Ranvir met and held Maple the Pigeon, and took quite a shine to her, saying, “I’ve got a renewed enthusiasm for pigeons. I won’t swear at them when they go over my car ever again.”

Richard explained the Queen “has been involved in pigeons all her life”, with the tradition dating back to the 1800s in the Royal Family.

He also revealed that the Queen, who has had to pull out of her Thanksgiving Service at St Paul’s Cathedral today, visited their pigeon loft several weeks ago and was “in good health.” Three young siblings shared their sweet story of correspondence with HRH, with one revealing, “We felt bad for the Queen because she was sitting alone at her own husband’s funeral. I felt bad for her.”

Bollywood troupe Nutkhut gave a special performance ahead of dancing for the Queen on Sunday, where they will perform a piece inspired by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s wedding. Artistic Director Simmy Gupta showed her specially commissioned corgi sari, which was made of plastic bottles.

Ranvir wished the Queen well saying, “What a really celebratory show this morning – ma’am, we wish you all the best. We hope you make a quick recovery. We will miss you at the thanksgiving service today but from Good Morning Britain, lots of love.”

Elsewhere on today’s show, the Queen’s goddaughter Victoria Pryor spoke to Ranvir and Adil from her deli in Norfolk and lifted the lid on her special relationship with the monarch. Her mother was the Queen’s first cousin, and the pair were “best mates” since childhood.

As goddaughter of the monarch, Victoria revealed that she always received Christmas presents from the Queen – things like the game of Twister and Winnie the Pooh books. “She’s just so thoughtful and kind and helps so many people,” said Victoria. “Her memory – she remembers everything about all of us and everybody, really that she goes to see. She’s incredible in that way that she can talk to anybody.”

Ranvir asked, “Is she funny? Does she giggle quite easily?” “Very easily and the Queen Mother was super funny. Their sense of humour is fantastic.” Victoria last saw HRH at her great niece’s christening six weeks ago and said of the Queen, “She seemed so well and looking amazing. Her skin is fantastic. We were incredibly lucky. She was so lovely to come to that.”

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