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Home and Away: Alf is aghast at the culinary revolution happening in his house

Pick of the Plots

Home and Away: Alf is aghast at the culinary revolution happening in his house

This week in Summer Bay…

Monday: Alf has doubts about Roo’s positivity program for Martha. Is there any medical evidence that it works? Taking her cue, Roo interrogates Logan on the question. Alf tells Roo to put the brakes on – Martha isn’t even out of hospital yet. Roo corners Logan as he pulls up on his jet ski, bearing coffee & muffins. Poor Logan can’t get a break from a determined Roo. But he’s compassionate, knowing what a blow the test results were to the family.

Mia flat out refuses Tane’s proposal to look after Chloe if Mia wants to leave Summer Bay. Affronted at the idea that she would abandon her daughter, Tane counters that perhaps Mia isn’t the person to help Chloe right now.

Chloe knows she needs to find a compromise with Mia but cannot figure out what that looks like. Then an idea strikes – what if she moves out of home into a share house? Before Chloe can properly pitch the idea to Mia, her mind is already made up. Mia is leaving the Bay. Chloe feels terrible for pushing Mia into such an extreme decision, surely they can find a compromise?

Tuesday: Felicity & Mackenzie gear up for their biggest Poker night yet. The buy in has gone up to $500 and there’s now a waiting list. Their nights are gaining in repute. Mackenzie is a little nervous…but mostly giddy about the potential earnings. Ryder makes a last-ditch plea to Mackenzie to be a dealer for the night, but Mackenzie needs this to be perfect.

Mia struggles to accept the plane ticket to New Zealand. It’s too generous. But Ari’s family in New Zealand are on board – they want to look after Ari’s wife. Mia tearfully concedes it’s a beautiful offer and preparations gets underway for a proper Parata family send off. Mia is grateful for her well wishes and looks ahead to the future. Chloe finally gets the closure she needs, turning a new page in her life.

Martha’s health program kicks off with veggie soup and buddha bowls. Alf is aghast at the culinary revolution happening in his house, but Martha seems pleased. It would be good for all of them to make some healthy changes. After dinner things take a tranquil turn…candles are lit for a group meditation session. Alf feels like a stranger in his own home. But the women get a kick out of their resident grouch

Wednesday: Alf apologises to Roo for being too critical of her health kick program. He explains it is only out of concern for Martha, which Roo shares. It’s best for Martha if they keep the positivity up, instead of taking shots at one another. A tense truce ensues…for now.

Alf can barely keep a lid on his protectiveness of Martha. When Roo leaves Martha at home to pick up some food from the Diner, Alf snaps. Anything could happen to Martha while she’s alone! Roo can’t get a break from Alf’s criticism.

Cash shows up in the police car to pick up Rose for her first shift with Yabbie Creek Police Station. It’s all smiles and cheer – but Rose insists she drives. Cash laughingly concedes the keys. Rose is all enthusiasm at the station but is surprised to find small town policing is a little bit…slow.

Thursday: An upbeat Jasmine encourages Xander to run off the nerves for his job interview. Xander struggles to keep pace with Rose or rid himself of nerves. Jasmine assures Xander he’s got it in the bag, being the ultimate supportive big sister. Doubts still plague Xander, but it seems that Jasmine rubbed off. Xander returns home from the interview, buzzing, sure that he nailed it.Later he learns he didn’t get the job.

Cash and Rose clash over policing principles. Rose is strictly by the book, Cash is lenient. Pulling rank, Cash lets Alf off for the minor speeding offence out of compassion. Infuriated, Rose thinks it’s one rule for Cash’s mates & another for everyone else. Cash argues that local policing is about discretion, assessing on a case by case basis. Perhaps their police partnership won’t be such smooth sailing after all.

Roo notices the new spring in Ryder’s step. He’s being secretive about something up his sleeve…a text from his Mum about an ‘opportunity’ leads to Ryder’s excitement about a job on a cruise ship.

At the garage, Theo is on his best behaviour, pre-empting Ziggy & Justin’s every need.

Friday: Feeling inadequate in the face of Theo’s problems, Ziggy wonders how she could boost his self-esteem.

Refusing to let a job rejection ruin her family, Jasmine goes on a mission to get Xander a job in Summer Bay. Pulling any strings in her reach, Jasmine orchestrates a meet up with Logan. Perhaps he can help find a job for Xander? Logan promises to enquire with his co-workers at Reefton Lakes to see if there’s any paramedics jobs going over there. That way, Xander could stay in Summer Bay.

Preparations to make a good impression get derailed when Xander & Jasmine stumble upon the aftermath of a car crash. Both go into medical mode, checking the drivers of each impacted car. Jasmine is shocked to find Logan, conscious but in shock, behind the wheel. Xander sees to the driver of the other – a distressed & bleeding woman named Millie.

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