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From Croupier to Frontline Care…


From Croupier to Frontline Care…

A UK care group shares success stories to inspire those impacted by the pandemic to take up a rewarding career in care.

From casino worker to carer; a family-run care group is launching a campaign to inspire those impacted most by the pandemic to receive a new lease of life in social care.

Following several challenging years in all areas of employment brought on by national lockdowns, social distancing practices and Brexit, Handsale Care Homes has been sharing the inspiring tales of those transitioning to a career in social care – as it encourages people to make the switch and join rewarding roles across its eight care homes spread throughout the UK.

One of those people is Tony Glen, who, 18 months ago, joined Handsale’s Bierley Court Care Home, near Bradford, Yorkshire, as an administrator. Before journeying into care, Tony, 35, had clocked up more than 14 years’ worth of experience in the casino industry, serving as a croupier, deputy head cashier and an area supervisor, before transitioning to the electronic gaming VIP sector of the business.

After more than a decade in one of the world’s wealthiest and most vibrant sectors, Tony recalls how he went from dealing blackjack and spinning roulette to caring for Handsale’s elderly residents.

“After taking a break from the casino industry, I started to work for the NHS as a medical secretary. Going above and beyond for wealthy and famous clients has its perks, yet can also be incredibly unrewarding. However, I’ve found even the smallest of gestures when working with someone in need always goes a long way. That’s where the initial attraction towards a career in care stemmed from. The contrast between my previous role and now is worlds apart!”

“My previous job was very much target driven and based on performance, using luxuries to bring back clients. Whereas my current role is all about being transparent, putting others first and providing a comfortable, happy and safe environment for those in our care. My only regret is that I didn’t make the transition sooner!”

Transferring his skills as an entertainer for the general public, Tony plans to produce captivating, fun-filled activities for his latest set of eagerly waiting clients; the residents of Bierley Court.

Rishi Sodha, Handsale’s Care Director:

“At Handsale, we promote and seek out creative, transferable skills across our highly professional workforce, meaning it was only natural to provide opportunities to people like Tony who find themselves at unforeseen crossroads in their careers. Since the pandemic began, we’ve taken on people from all manner of backgrounds, some of whom hadn’t previously worked or even thought about a career in social care, but who have excelled in their new roles and are now integral members of the team in their respective homes.

“The clue is in the name of social care; it’s about being able to care and show empathy, understanding and compassion to others. So, if there’s an opportunity for us to help people transfer those skills to a new, exciting career where they can make a real difference to an individual’s life, then it’s a no-brainer from our perspective. It’s something Handsale is determined to continue promoting for many years to come.”

For those interested in a career in care, Handsale’s latest job vacancies can be found at

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