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UK Searches for ‘Cochlear Implant’ rocket after Love Island episode

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UK Searches for ‘Cochlear Implant’ rocket after Love Island episode

Searches exploded by 1040% after an episode of ITV2’s Love Island earlier this week.

 A new finding by Johnslots reveals that online interest for cochlear implants has increased across the UK by 1040%. Additionally, there has been a global rise in searches by 809%.

The sudden rise in interest – over 118 times the average – comes as a result of Love Island’s inclusion of its first ever deaf contestant, Tasha Ghouri.

Tasha announced to the group of contestants during the first episode of the series that she was born with this ‘super power’ and that she doesn’t let her hearing difficulties define her. Not only is Tasha the first deaf contestant to be featured on Love Island, but she was also the first model to be seen wearing a cochlear implant on ASOS.

Unlike hearing aids, which amplify sound, a cochlear implant bypasses damaged portions of the ear to deliver sound signals to the acoustic nerve. The implant is surgically placed under the skin and attached to an electrode array that is placed in the inner ear.

A spokesperson for Johnslots:

“Love Island has become a big part of British pop culture since its arrival in 2015. It is wonderful to see the show adapting to become more authentic in terms of the representation of its contestants, as well as including a new stand against fast fashion with the show’s partnership with Ebay. The rise in cochlear implant searches demonstrates how much impact representation can have on the understanding and awareness of disabilities.”

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