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Outdoor Game ‘Giant Pass the Pugs’ launched


Outdoor Game ‘Giant Pass the Pugs’ launched

From the creators of ‘Pass the Pigs,’ the team has now gone to the dogs.

Throw these life-size, inflatable pugs and see how they land. Will you get a SNOOZER, POOPED-OUT or end up with PUPPY LOVE?

Pass the Pigs is an infamous game that has been much loved by families for decades. The brand recently launched a doggy version ‘Pass the Pugs’ and now for summer 2022; an inflatable, GIANT version for outdoors.

Throw the inflatable pugs in the air and depending on the positions they land in, you get different points. Be the first to get 100 points, but get greedy and you could lose everything! The game is perfect for outdoors… Play with your pugs in the garden, on a picnic, at the pool, the beach or even the playground.

Fans of Pass the Pigs will be familiar with positions such as ‘Leaning Jowler’, ‘Snouter’ and ‘Pig Out’, but in this new version, players will get positions ‘Snoozer’, ‘Faceplant’ and ‘Play Dead’ plus others, RRP £19.99.

The pack contains x2 inflatable pugs, rule book, scorecards, x2 pencils, a carry bag, a deflation rod and a vinyl plastic repair seal. For those aged 6+.
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