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Top 10 new priorities for under-30s


Top 10 new priorities for under-30s

Turning 30 comes with all types of societal and family pressures to achieve particular life milestones such as marriage, owning a home and starting a family.

New research conducted by Blossom Hill found that 77% of Brits aged 25-35 have felt this pressure to reach certain life milestones by the time they turned 30. Most often this pressure comes from two main sources: social media (44%) and our parents (44%)[1].

The good news is that those traditional life milestones are now considered outdated by the younger generation. Getting married, buying your forever home and starting a family are no longer considered realistic for those turning 30.

Instead, 84 percent of those surveyed claim big milestones have been replaced by smaller more achievable goals and “experiences”, with ‘doing something you feel passionate about’ the top goal (46 percent) for the 20 and 30 somethings polled.

Collaborating with TV and Radio presenter Laura Whitmore, Blossom Hill wine is celebrating its 30th birthday this summer and they want to quash these tired stereotypes and help you live life on your own terms. Having got married, had a child, written a book and landed one of the biggest presenting jobs in the country, Laura is living proof that life certainly doesn’t end at 30.

Speaking about the campaign, Laura Whitmore:

“When Blossom Hill told me they wanted to help smash the stigma and pressures that come with reaching milestone birthdays, I was all in. I’ve been there, done that, and got more than a few t-shirts. I know being in my thirties now, that life certainly doesn’t end here and in fact, it just keeps getting better.”

“The only opinion that should matter in life is yours, do things in your own time and at your own pace. One of the best parts of growing older is being more comfortable and confident in your own skin, discovering who you are and what you want. Live your life unapologetically unfiltered and you will reap the benefits I promise you. Now I think we can all raise a glass to that, cheers to 30 Blossom Hill!”

In one generation the impact of our parents on our life choices has significantly changed. 68 percent of Brits polled say they are less inclined to follow in their parent’s footsteps when it comes to the notion of “settling down”.

Another benefit of growing older is 49 percent have found they know themselves better when they are in their 30s, with almost a third (32 percent) admitting they became more comfortable in their own skin at this age.

The research found almost a quarter (23 percent) say they feel no pressure to have “done it all” by the time they’re 30 and actually have written a new bucket list of milestones for turning 30.

Top 10 New Priorities for Brits Turning 30

  1. Finding a job, you love and are passionate about
  2. Learning to enjoy the now and live in the moment
  3. Becoming more mindful
  4. Living more sustainably
  5. Having a positive impact on the world
  6. Starting a passion or side hustle
  7. Limiting screen-time on a daily basis
  8. Mastering a second language
  9. Growing your own fruit and vegetables
  10. Learning to meditate

Benjamin Blake, Marketing Director from Blossom Hill, which conducted the research:

“This research shows how traditional milestones have changed for young Brits over recent years. There is less pressure now to have “done it all” by the time they hit their thirties, and it’s clear they have different goals in mind, from doing something they love to having a positive impact on the world. Blossom Hill has always existed to celebrate our best unfiltered selves, championing what make us unique and living life on our own terms, as we turn 30 we want to inspire the nation to adopt this same mentality.”

For more information on Blossom Hill’s 30th birthday celebration with Laura Whitmore visit – Blossom Hill is also celebrating 30 years in style with the launch of new limited-edition bottles across its range of white, rosé and red wines. Lookout for these in your nearest retailer very soon. 

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