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Research has found that today’s children are being paid to complete their household chores


Research has found that today’s children are being paid to complete their household chores

…with 70% of UK parents admitting to paying their children for help with jobs around the house.

The data indicated that household chores can be a lucrative income for some kids, with one in 20 Brits admitting to paying their children £5 or more for 30-minutes of household help (equating to £10 an hour)! The top paying household chore has been revealed to be cleaning the bathroom, followed by mowing the lawn then weeding in the garden.

The study, from home and garden retailer wilko, also found that a third of UK adults still ask their parents, or grandparents, for help with jobs around the house. The reason for this however, may be surprising.

Almost half of Brits (42%) admit to asking for help with jobs around the house because they enjoy having uninterrupted, one-to-one time with one another, rather than because they need genuine help to get the task done, showing how quality time with loved ones is high on the agenda.

Decorating is the housework that we most often need actual assistance from loved ones, closely followed by changing a tyre and constructing flatpack furniture.

The retailer also investigated which chores the nation’s kids enjoy helping with the most; watering the plants has emerged as the most desired job that kids want to get stuck in with, followed by cooking then emptying the dishwasher. On the reverse side, mowing the lawn is the most unpopular chore.

Jerome Saint-Marc, CEO at wilko:

“It’s lovely to see that, whatever our age, we value our parents’ and grandparents’ input and relish the chance to enjoy some quality time with one another – and what’s more, it’s low cost tasks around the house that we’re taking joy in, rather than expensive experiences and purchases. These findings were mirrored in our pocket money research, with jobs that require a little help from parents and guardians coming out on top as the chores children enjoy completing the most.”

One of the UK’s leading home and garden retailers, wilko has everything shoppers need to get their outdoor jobs done this summer, thanks to its ranges of reliable products at great prices, leaving families free to enjoy quality time together.

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The top 10 best paying household chores for kids, are:

1. Cleaning the bathroom

2. Mowing the lawn

3. Weeding in the garden

4. Cooking

5. Hoovering

6. Watering the plants

7. Walking the dog

8. Dusting

9. Emptying the dishwasher

10. Hanging out the washing

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