Stephen Fry to chart the world of Dinosaurs

Channel 5 is to launch an exhilarating new series, Dinosaur – with Stephen Fry.

The series will be presented in a four-day landmark event by the actor, writer, and dinosaur enthusiast, Fry.  Dinosaur- with Stephen Fry will chronologically tell the definitive story of 165 million years on earth – from the dawn of the dinosaurs to their extinction.

Stephen Fry:

“Dinosaurs have always been a passion of mine, so I jumped at the opportunity to lend my excitement and curiosity to immerse audiences back in time 250 million years. The attention to detail and technology in this series allows us to really delve deep in to some exciting new scientific discoveries about these majestic creatures. It is exciting to be working with Mentorn and Dock10 to bring this world to life, and Channel 5 for the very first time, as their factual landmarks are known for cutting through and resonating with new audiences across the UK”.

The ground-breaking series will run across four-episodes to air on Channel 5 in hour-long slots. Viewers are invited to immerse themselves in a new and magical Dinosaur World, constructed with help from CGI experts, and scientists from the Natural History Museum.

Working with specialist Manchester-based production studio Dock10, who previously designed virtual studios for the Tokyo Olympics, the series will be anchored in a specially created space that allows the complete freedom to roam around an accurate representation of a prehistoric environment. Breaking new boundaries on Channel 5, the cutting-edge technology from Dock10 has mainly been used in sport, but will now be fully realised in factual television for the very first time.

Based on the latest research, Dock10 has designed incredibly accurate dinosaur species to populate the Dinosaur World. Each creature is brought to life by behind-the-scenes animators to move, walk, hunt and roar – like a dinosaur safari, audiences will see the creatures magically roving around. As Stephen gets up close with the awe-inspiring creatures, he will entertainingly inform audiences about each one, revealing interesting specialist factual content along the way.  Stephen will take viewers on a journey through different prehistoric eras, highlighting iconic dinosaurs and uncovering new scientific discoveries.

Experts will also step into this photorealistic environment, tracking down dinosaurs across the landscape to reveal the secrets of the prehistoric world.  Every episode will be packed with illuminating footage where Stephen, as well as an assorted cast of experts, will bring insights from the most fascinating dinosaur places in the UK.  Also featured in every episode is our specially created DinoLab where through MythBusters-style experiments engineers will answer questions such as ‘how powerful was a T-rex bite?’, and did the raptors really have sharp claws that could disembowel prey?

Commissioning Editor, [Factual], Channel 5 & P+ Guy Davies:

“We are thrilled to be working with Stephen on such a ground-breaking series. Dinosaur offers everything audiences have always wanted to know in one entertaining and information packed TV event. It will be specialist factual content, but with an accessible and entertaining twist, using cutting-edge technology to really immerse the viewers in the magical and awe-inspiring world of the dinosaurs.”

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