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Sex shop owner creates ‘sex courses’ helping 500 women a week orgasm


Sex shop owner creates ‘sex courses’ helping 500 women a week orgasm

The news comes amid Dame Emma Thompson’s shocking revelation that 15% of women have NEVER had an orgasm…

A sex toy shop owner has created online sex courses helping women to orgasm.

Ky Hoyle, CEO of online sex shop Sh!:

“I’m glad Emma’s film is highlighting an issue that we’ve been addressing for years. A lack of discussion about pleasure means women are ashamed about something that’s normal and supposed to make us feel good. There’s a whole generation of women who believe they’re not allowed to feel pleasure, and over 8 million women in the UK alone have never had an orgasm. In a world that tells us we should be effortlessly multi-orgasmic, difficulty orgasming is a massively silenced issue that impacts millions of womens’ sexual self-esteem”.

The Love Actually star appeared on ITV’s Lorraine recently to promote her upcoming film ‘Good Luck To You, Leo Grande’ – in which she plays a widowed teacher who hires a male prostitute to give her her first orgasm – where she revealed that 15% of women have never achieved orgasm.

Research published by the International Academy of Sex Research reports that 95% of heterosexual men usually or always orgasm during sex, compared to only 65% of heterosexual women, and further findings from reveal that only 18.4% of women orgasm from penetrative sex.

In her interview, Dame Emma said:

“We’re perfectly happy to investigate our other forms of pleasure – we’re obsessed with food – why don’t we dedicate a bit more time to investigating what actually does give us pleasure, and women’s pleasure is never at the top of anyone’s agenda because that’s how it is”.

Ky Hoyle, CEO of online sex shop Sh! Women’s Emporium has created her own online sex courses focusing on sexual confidence, communication and female pleasure to help women find their orgasms – helping 500 women per week orgasm and attracting clients from all over the world, including Saudi Arabia where sex toys are banned under Islamic law. Courses on the Shush Life platform include ‘Becoming Orgasmic’, ‘Mindblowing BJs’ and ‘Light My Fire’ – each aiming to explore sexual desires, erogenous zones and ultimately achieve orgasm.

One customer has said:

“I thought I was the only one who finds it tricky to ‘tip over the edge’ but the Becoming Orgasmic course made me feel normal and gave me lots of ways to explore how I can have orgasms regularly. I’m feeling empowered and positive and I’m going to watch each session again and do the ‘homework’ so I can really learn to love my body and the pleasure it gives me”.

Each course is designed to boost sexual confidence and empowerment and promote healthy communication about sex in relationships. Courses are available for enrolment now on the Sh! website starting at £15 for a 7-session programme. The UK’s first ever women friendly sex shop. for 30 years, Sh! have been championing female-bodied pleasure, and helping women and vulva-owners (along with those that love them!) discover their true sexual selves, whatever their age, health, relationship or orgasmic status.

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