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Pick of the Plots: Friday 1st July

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Friday 1st July

Your Pick of the Plots for Friday, July 1.

Your Pick of the Plots for Friday, July 1.

Trying to distract herself from her troubles and Leanne’s lack of faith in her, Toyah mounts a protest against waste incineration. Leanne, Mary, Brian, Nina and Asha join Toyah and the gang of seasoned protestors she has mobilised, and successfully block in the council bin wagon on Victoria Street.

Toyah leaps into the cab of the bin wagon, much to Leanne’s dismay. A man picks his way through the protest group and clambers into the cab next to her. Toyah’s gobsmacked to see it’s her ex-boyfriend, Spider Nugent. As the pair catch up and reminisce, Toyah breaks down about Imran’s death. She invites Spider to stay over.

Meanwhile, Fiz is forced to ask Phill’s mum Mimi to stay when she tells them no hotel will take Coco, her dog. But when Mimi is knocked flying by Cerberus and sustains a sprained hip, it is evident that it is going to be a strain for everyone.

Elsewhere, Peter refuses to forgive Simon for falling for Thorne’s trick. Heading to the police station to pick up a fare, Peter is surprised to see it is Nicky, who has been arrested for no reason.

Also, Aaron and Summer plan a holiday to Spain but Summer is feeling unconfident. Summer runs her hands down her body and, hating her shape, tips away her insulin.

Coronation Street, ITV, 8pm

Brenda calls out David.

Meanwhile, Ethan snaps at Charles for not giving him and Marcus any time alone.

Elsewhere, Bear informs Faith that Chas is worried about her drinking but he’s easily swayed into buying her more alcohol.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7.30pm

Misbah stands her ground and refuses to hide, and Ali experiences first-hand how his actions have consequences.

Meanwhile, Serena overhears Dave offering Maxine the money meant for her and confronts him. As things get heated, Maxine blurts out Serena’s news, but will it be well received?

Later, Maxine organises a night out with Lizzie and Serena, but some friendly competition and a few drinks leads to painful consequences for Serena.

Elsewhere, a discovery leads to Leela having a change of heart about selling the house.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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