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Bristol ‘home of’ The Undeclared War


Bristol ‘home of’ The Undeclared War

The Undeclared War began earlier this week on Channel 4 after filming in Bristol.

Riveting new drama The Undeclared War, starring Hannah Khalique-Brown, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Simon Pegg, Adrian Lester, Alex Jennings and Mark Rylance, began on Channel 4 and All 4 on Thursday (30 June), after filming in Bristol last year with assistance from the city’s Film Office.

Robert Jones, Producer, The Undeclared War:

“The Bristol Film Office were incredibly supportive in helping us find and service a wide variety of locations in and around the area for The Undeclared War.”

Created and directed by BAFTA award-winner Peter Kosminsky, The Undeclared War is a six-part cyber thriller set in 2024. Bristol Film Office assisted production company Playground Television and Stonehenge Films with production taking place at several Bristol locations between May and August 2021.

Redcliffe Wharf was dressed as an anti-capitalist encampment for scenes featuring unrest and stunts. Scenes featuring police and missiles being thrown by protesters were filmed in East Street, Bedminster. The Cash Hall in Bristol City Hall provided the setting for the offices of a Russian internet agency, and filming also took place on residential streets including Mayfield Park North in Fishponds and Gratitude Road in Greenbank. Filming for The Undeclared War also took place in Wales.

Set in 2024, The Undeclared War tracks a leading team of analysts buried in the heart of GCHQ, secretly working to ward off a series of cyber-attacks on the UK in the run-up to a general election. When a routine stress test of internet infrastructure goes awry, 21-year-old GCHQ intern Saara Parvin (played by Hannah Khalique-Brown) suddenly finds herself operating on the invisible frontier of high-stakes cyber warfare. The series is a result of meticulous research by BAFTA award-winning creator Peter Kosminsky, lifting the veil on the most urgent battle of our time.

In a thrilling cat and mouse game, Saara and the team at GCHQ must try to stay one step ahead and anticipate their opponents’ every hidden move. The clock is ticking as a battle with high stakes and unpredictable enemies takes place entirely online, with very real consequences.  But how do you win a war most of the public don’t know you’re fighting?

Laura Aviles, Senior Film Manager (Bristol City Council):

“With the likes of Simon Pegg, Adrian Lester and Mark Rylance attached and award-winning director Peter Kosminsky at the helm, The Undeclared War was a very high profile shoot which Bristol Film Office was closely involved with, supporting filming at times in the heart of Bristol. Filming for encampment scenes at Redcliffe Wharf and protest scenes on East Street involved between 150 to 200 crew and cast members at their busiest points. We were pleased to liaise with all the necessary city departments, not only to help the production source the right locations but also to help ensure filming days were well organised and smoothly run.”

The six-part drama also stars Simon Pegg as GCHQ Head of Operation Danny Patrick, Maisie Richardson-Sellers as American cyber-analyst Kathy Freeman, Adrian Lester as the UK’s first Black Conservative Prime Minister Andrew Makinde, Alex Jennings as Head of GCHQ David Neal, and Mark Rylance as elderly analyst and iconoclast John Yeabsley.

 The Undeclared War continues Thursdays, Channel 4 at 9pm. Catch up with episode one on All 4.

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