Bobby Brazier joins the cast of EastEnders in the role of ‘Freddie Slater’

Bobby Brazier is set to make his acting debut in the BBC One soap as Freddie Slater, the son of Little Mo Slater.

In spite of having a heart of gold, Freddie Slater can’t help getting himself into mischief. Even though he’s sweet like his mother, he’s certainly not shy, and causes a stir wherever he goes.

On joining EastEnders, Bobby said:

“I’m really excited to be joining the cast of EastEnders – so far it’s been perfect. Everybody has been so beautiful to me and made settling in easier than I could’ve hoped. Stepping into the acting world has always been a vision of mine and doing that with EastEnders as a Slater is a blessing, I’m very grateful. Loving every minute of Freddie so far and can’t wait to see what’s in store for him in Walford.”

Viewers last saw Freddie in May 2006 when he and Little Mo (Kacey Ainsworth) left Walford to start a new life in Barnstaple. Now an 18-year-old Freddie is set to return to the Square as he finds himself on a mission that could end in heartbreak…

Chris Clenshaw, Executive Producer, added:

“Freddie Slater is a chaotic 18-year-old with a sensitive soul. A modern-day lad who’s in touch with his spiritual side. He’s philosophical, accepting, but full of mischief and makes mistakes. Bobby is an amazing young addition to the EastEnders cast who brings heart and humility to the role of Freddie Slater and I can’t wait for audiences to get to know him.”

Kacey Ainsworth as Little Mo with baby Freddie.
TX: Monday 17th January 2005 Freddie’s christening.

Freddie Slater was conceived in late 2003, when his mother, Little Mo Mitchell, was raped by her friend, Graham Foster. Little Mo’s insistence on keeping the baby led to the breakdown of her marriage to Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick).

In February 2006, Freddie was admitted to hospital after it was discovered he had bleeding on the brain. The finger of suspicion fell onto Little Mo, who had been observed struggling to cope with a teething Freddie, however she suspected that Ben Mitchell had done something to Freddie while they were alone together.

Ben admitted that he had lashed out at Freddie for pulling at his hearing aid, however it was later discovered that the severity of Freddie’s injury was down to a ‘low platelet count’.

Little Mo was in the clear, but did not want to stay in Walford where she had been suspected of hurting her son.

Bobby is the son of television personality and presenter Jeff Brazier and the late Jade Goody. He will make his first appearance in EastEnders as Freddie in the autumn, the Beeb say.

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