The most complained about Love Island moments…

The ITV2 show has recently been in the news again for all the wrong reasons…

Love Island has seen over 3,617 Ofcom complaints in just one week following the explosive fall out from Mad Movies and claims of misogyny.

The romance competition has also been called out once again by Women’s Aid following the ‘controlling behaviour’ exhibited in recent scenes after the contestants were shown footage of each other’s Casa Amor antics.

Consulting with the experts at Affise here ATV Today brings a list of the most complained about Love Island moments of all time.

2018: Love Island – 2,644 complaints

A total of 2,644 viewers made complaints to Ofcom after an episode aired contestant Dani Dyer crying because she thought her other half Jack Fincham was going to cheat on her.

Viewers believed the producers of the show allowed Dani to believe Jack was going to cheat on her for the purposes of making the show more entertaining and dramatic.

2019: The Casa Amor fallout – 314 complaints

In 2019, the reality dating show received 314 complaints following the drama which saw shocking moments between Amy and Curtis and Amber and Michael. Both Amy and Amber were left single during re-coupling as Curtis and Michael tried to pursue other relationships. This left Amy heartbroken and in tears, fans took their concerns to Ofcom as they worried for her welfare.

2019: Maura trying it on with Tommy – 709 complaints

Another 2019 Love Island moment that caused fans to flock to Ofcom was Maura’s attempt to kiss Tommy Fury. Viewers were not impressed with Maura’s behaviour and her attempts to straddle and kiss him. Many fans of the popular show called it “sexual harassment”, as Tommy appeared unhappy about the situation with him turning away from Maura’s attempted kiss.

2021: Faye being mislead over Teddy’s Casa Amor behaviour on Love Island – 5,000 complaints

Last years series of Love Island broke records in the complaints department. Firstly, Ofcom received 5,000 complaints because of how Faye was mislead over Teddy’s behaviour in Casa Amor. Viewers were left furious after the main villa was sent a postcard, on which was a picture of Teddy kissing another girl. The picture was in fact taken during a challenge, but Faye saw it and decided she wanted to find someone else, then moved on with contestant Sam.

4,330 of the complaints were from people who said the postcard was “misleading and caused unnecessary distress”. More than 600 complaints were also made two days later, after the recoupling episode, as Teddy was left single on the island.

2021: Faye’s outburst at Teddy on Love Island – 24,763 complaints

Again in 2021, more complaints flooded Ofcom after Faye screamed at Teddy when he returned from Casa Amor and the villa were allowed to watch clips back.

Ofcom confirmed it had received 24,763 complaints. During the episode, Faye was seen shouting and swearing at Teddy after she saw a clip of him telling Clarisse he was sexually attracted to her. Following the episode many avid viewers rushed to Twitter to express how uncomfortable the scene was to watch and questioned whether Faye should still be allowed to take part in the show. A men’s domestic abuse charity released a statement calling her behaviour “unacceptable”.

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