The reason why you should put panty liners in your bra…

The UK is experiencing an extreme wave of hot weather, which means many people across the country will sadly experience under boob sweat.

While the warm weather brings barbecue, family walks and long days out, it also brings the dreaded under boob sweat . With that being said, Trend Expert, Nick Drewe at WeThrift has uncovered 7 hacks to combat your under boob sweat this summer.

  • Use baby powder 

If you love beauty hacks, you’ll know baby powder is not just for babies – it can work for adults, too. The product is known for keeping baby diapers fresh and dry, which is why it is the perfect solution for under boob sweat. All you need to do is grab some blotting paper with baby powder to absorb all the moisture from the sweat.

Top tip: Before putting your clothes on, sprinkle the baby powder in your bra cups and spread some power over your upper rib cage.

  • Stick panty liners in your bra

This trick might sound a little bizarre, but it does the trick as panty liners work as the perfect solution to fix your sweaty under boobs. All you need to do is stick the panty liners inside your bra and they will soak up the sweat.

  • Always carry baby wipes

Sweat is, unfortunately, known to smell. Due to this, if you are doing activities in the hot sun, you might want to keep some wipes in your bag to freshen up and clean your skin frequently. This will also help you to avoid the dreaded pong.

  • Opt for loose-fitting clothes 

Many of us are fond of wearing body con dresses and  tight tank tops, as well as clingy skirts and shorts. However, you may find that wearing loose fitting clothes in the summer is more beneficial to you in the heat, as tight fitting clothes don’t let your skin breathe.

  • Wear non padded bras 

Though they look good and offer the support you want, wearing padded bras in sweltering heat is an extra piece of clothing on your body that traps more heat. Instead, choose to wear a non padded bra that lets you feel free and fresh.

Top tip: purchase bras with cotton fabric or soft lace, rather than bras with synthetic material such as polyester or rayon.

  • Change your clothes frequently 

This can sound a little impractical, but changing out of the clothes that cause irritation to your skin can do wonders for your under boob sweat. Particularly if you workout a lot, make sure to change your gym clothes as soon as you’re finished, to avoid any discomfort.

  • Use argon oil 

Argon oil has many benefits that can help combat any annoying consequences of under boob sweat, such as reducing redness, repairing skin damage and skin hydration. After showering, apply the argon oil under and around your breasts. Try to do this daily, and your skin will be restored to its natural and healthier state.

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