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River City: Nicole struggles to keep up the act of being a grieving girlfriend

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River City: Nicole struggles to keep up the act of being a grieving girlfriend

This week in Shieldinch…

Monday/Tuesday: At Montego Motors, Bob introduces Tommy his boxing coach to Rebecca, who pretends she doesn’t know him. Sensing she’s lying, Bob presses Rebecca for the truth who acts defensively.

Determined to uncover the truth, Bob questions Tommy who admits he used to train her but an incident led to them falling out.

Bob asks Rebecca for her side of the story and is stunned to find the real reason she left boxing. Bob angrily confronts Tommy while Rebecca reveals she felt let down by her boxing coach when she needed him most.

Elsewhere, a stressed Maggie is blindsided by a considerable payment into her bank account from Ellie. Convinced it’s a sign Ellie is cutting all ties, Caitlin thinks she’s just being dramatic and urges her not to read into things.

Maggie turns to Sonny for reassurance who suggests Lou might be able to help. Lou tries to keep Maggie calm but the pair clash as Maggie grows increasingly unsettled.

Alex meets Duncan Toomey to make an offer he hopes he can’t refuse. Keen to quash police interest in the case, Alex makes Toomey a cash offer in return for saying he started the fire. However, when Toomey declines, Alex fears he’s in too deep and Amber makes it clear she has no sympathy for him.

Wednesday/Thursday: Maggie’s shocked when she’s asked to come and identify a body. Fearing it’s Ellie, Caitlin urges her mother to stay calm – there’s no sense in getting upset until they know for sure.

Later, Maggie is relieved to tell the family it wasn’t Ellie. Living in limbo, Maggie doesn’t know what to do or where to turn and is stunned when Ash reveals Ellie is living in Ireland and wants to be left alone.

Undeterred, Maggie packs her bags despite Caitlin’s advice to the contrary. Annoyed at being ignored, Caitlin takes out her frustrations on Ash as the pair clash.

Elsewhere, Nicole struggles to keep up the pretence of being a grieving girlfriend and her feelings for Tyler hidden. At The Two Jailbirds, DCI Shaw makes veiled comments about Nicole and Tyler’s behaviour, commenting about how strange it is to see them acting so normally under the circumstances.

When DCI Shaw leaves, the pair breathe a sigh of relief, unable to fight the attraction between them any longer.

Scarlett is stunned to discover she’s been nominated for the ‘Star of Shieldinch’ award. Assuming Andrew is behind it, she’s stunned when he admits he didn’t nominate her. As Scarlett tries to uncover the identity of put her name forward, she clashes with Roisin leaving her riled up and increasingly paranoid.

River City: Monday, BBC Scotland Channel, 10 pm. Tuesday, BBC One Scotland, 7 pm. Wednesday, BBC Scotland Channel, 10 pm. Thursday, BBC One Scotland, 7 pm. 

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