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Channel 5 look at the ‘World’s Fastest Electric Car’


Channel 5 look at the ‘World’s Fastest Electric Car’

The one-off special airs later this week.

From Teslas and Lotuses to Porsches and Asparks, Alexis Conran scours the globe for the top-of-the-range electric supercars that are pushing sub-three-second 0-60mph times and have top speeds that leave Ferraris revving their dirty gas-guzzling engines with envy.

Alexis takes us on a road trip to explore an exciting new world of cutting-edge tech and near-silent speed that will thrill car lovers as Britain begins to ditch fossil fuels and shifts gear to a cleaner, greener electric future.

As Alexis proves, the forefront of electric car development isn’t all about boring charging points and how much space there is in the boot. He discovers a succession of sleek, sexy and stunningly designed machines that are also incredibly fast and deeply satisfying to drive.

Alexis conveys the detail of the engineering in an accessible way with his trademark cheeky, fun style to engage an audience beyond the usual hardcore motor fans. But this show is just as much about entertainment, excitement and the visuals as it is about the science.

Ultimately, this is a personal journey and Alexis will — using his own criteria laid down in the film — ultimately crown a car at the end of the show that we can truly say is the best electric car on the planet.

World’s Fastest Electric Car with Alexis Conran, Channel 5, Wednesday, August 31st.

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