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Jess Davies explores the world of ‘deepfake porn’ for BBC Three


Jess Davies explores the world of ‘deepfake porn’ for BBC Three

Harmless images are being turned into hardcore porn and used to harass women, as deepfake technology gives rise to a disturbing form of image based sexual abuse.

With research showing that 96% of deepfake videos are porn, almost all of which involve non-consenting women, the film explores the real life impact of this growing form of digital sexual abuse.

Speaking to three women affected by this, presenter Jess Davies explores the emotional and psychological toll it has on unsuspecting victims. It’s not just public figures who are targeted, as Jess hears from one woman who was deep-faked in graphic porn images by a colleague. With no legislation to protect victims in England and Wales, she tells Jess there was nothing she could do.

Jess also finds that anyone with a smartphone can create this content as she investigates the app FaceMagic, which is being used to make non-consensual deepfake porn and is easily accessible to children as young as 12 on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

The impact deepfake porn has on the women affected is stark, but interviews with the American owner of one of the biggest deepfake porn sites, ‘MrDeepfakes’, and a British deepfake creator ‘Gorkem’, reveal that without legislation that makes this practice illegal, they will continue to create these types of videos and images. It begs the question, can anyone be next?

Deepfake Porn: Could You Be Next?, 9pm BBC Three, Monday, September 12th

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