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ContentBay reveals the boon in Christmas movie production


ContentBay reveals the boon in Christmas movie production

ContentBay reveals the boon in Christmas movie production

Data also shows what’s hot in the Christmas charts, as the most placed titles in Global TV Schedules is also revealed with Sleepless in Seattle topping the charts…

Global CEO, and Co-Founder, Oliver Skelton,

“When we asked the ContentBay database to tell us everything it knows about Christmas content, we knew we would get some interesting facts. For example, for a long time it’s been debated whether the iconic 80’s film, Die Hard, is considered a Christmas movie and it delivered a firm ‘Yes!’ With the huge rise in Christmas content being created and such a vast amount now available, it was interesting to see which ones were still being licenced in volume across the globe and on what channels.”

As we start to unwind from work and begin to take position on our sofas to get fully in the festive spirit, ContentBay, the global entertainment platform has revealed that there has been an explosion of Christmas content production, particularly over the last 20 years. It analysed over 9,000 broadcast platforms globally to understand what is top of the charts when it comes to Christmas content and has discovered what the most featured Christmas titles have been so far in 2022.

‘Love’ and ‘laughs’ top the Christmas charts

The data has revealed that there has been a huge 1600% growth in the number of productions that have been created across the Christmas period since 1984. Looking further into the data shows that people are looking for love and laughs over the festive period as 68% of Christmas titles are identified as “Romance” and a staggering 79% “Comedy” which would certainly bring the Christmas joy.

Most Featured Content

ContentBay has also revealed the most featured Christmas content on global TV Schedules and the top 10 list below is the titles which are most regularly placed in TV schedules across the year. Interestingly these titles are still viewed valuably enough to be scheduled from behind the OTT pay-walls. It’s here we have lost some other familiar Christmas titles recently; notably the Die Hard franchise to Disney+, along with classics such as ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ & ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ which despite being ever present on Prime in 2022, has had only a handful of showings on our TV schedules.

Global CEO, and Co-Founder, Oliver Skelton:

“Interestingly from the analysis, and dare I say a ‘problem’ for audiences and therefore streaming services, goes beyond just Christmas titles and the move of some ‘Classics’ behind paywalls. The idea of ‘exclusivity’ lends itself to a bygone era where people expected to wait. Will today’s audiences switch services for their fix of ‘Die Hard’ and others (not great for brand loyalty, and a pain) or will people’s appetite for the franchise (and therefore it’s value to Disney), excuse the pun, die?

“But we aren’t just about Christmas, by providing clients with simple tools backed by cutting edge database technology you can ask ContentBay all the questions you need to know about content, and it will always have an answer!”.

Most shown content on TV Schedules globally

  1. Sleepless in Seattle
  2. Home Alone 2 Lost in New York
  3. Home Alone
  4. Elf
  5. Gremlins
  6. Bad Santa
  7. Arthur Christmas
  8. Scrooged
  9. Jingle all the Way
  10. The Grinch

Over in OTT Land our insatiable appetite for yuletide comedy, romance, and TV movies, led Netflix to commission 10 new festive titles for winter 2022. A strategy that seems to be paying off as an incredible 88 territories have registered Christmas movies in their published top tens for the last two weeks. The runaway success for the streaming giant so far this Christmas has been The Noel Diary based on the book by Richard Paul Evans. It has held top ten positions in all but one of the 88 territories (Saudi Arabia) with an average position across the 2 weeks of 3.9 with 27.63m hours of viewing.

Top Territories for Christmas movie consumption (Netflix)

1 Croatia

2 Hungary

3 Slovakia

4 Norway

5 Austria

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