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Pick of the Plots: Sunday 8th January

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Sunday 8th January

Pick of the Plots: Sunday 8th January

Your Pick of the Plots for Sunday, January 8

The police question Max about his involvement with Griff’s gang but release him without charge. David is shocked when Gail refuses to support Max.

Later, Max is horrified to come face to face with Griff. Daryan tells David he tried to speak to Max but could hear him arguing with a man inside the house. David rushes to the house and a fight breaks out between him and Griff. Has David put himself and Max in danger?

To Toyah’s dismay, Spider discharges himself from hospital, determined to help the police find Griff and bring him to justice.

Meanwhile, in the Bistro, Damon introduces Leanne to Dan, a fruit and veg supplier and tells her he can do her a far better deal. Jacob is left suspicious when Damon tells him that Dan’s first delivery is due this afternoon and hidden in the crate of olive oil will be a package containing drugs.

Elsewhere, Gemma, Bernie and Michael celebrate their victory over Mrs York.

Also, when Summer announces that she has got an appointment at the fertility clinic, Billy assures her that he won’t stand in her way this time. However, Todd and Paul are determined to find out more about Mike and Esther.

Paul suggests to Todd that the best plan of action might be to raise the money to pay Mike and Esther off in the hope they’ll leave Summer alone.

Coronation Street, ITV1, 7pm

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