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More Aussie radio classics out now

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More Aussie radio classics out now

More Aussie radio classics out now

Grace Gibson Productions have released another selection of classic Australian radio serials from the archives. The Man Who Came To Kill introduces us to debonair assassin Paul Saracen (Allan Trevor) whose trademark sign of the scimitar has been found at the scene of countless unexplained killings. Paul is contracted to murder two people, both of whom have paid him to do for the other, and when he hears of a wealthy financier that has been robbed Paul spots an opportunity to profit. Despite his success as a contract killer, the bloodhounds are soon on Paul’s trail, because the British head of Interpol is on the scent courtesy of Saracen’s former army pal. The cast includes Athol Fleming, Roger Climpson, Benita Harvey, Diana Davidson and Kevin Brennan.

Left: An assassin is at work in The Man Who Came To Kill. Right: Allan Trevor stars as a killer for hire in The Man Who Came To Kill.

In volume 5 of Spiral Ten private investigators Frank Connor and Joe Mintz tackle another batch of hazardous assignments from their offices in Sydney’s colourful Kings Cross district, and in volume 14 of Night Beat newspaper columnist Randy Stone (Harp McGuire) continues to unearth an array of scoops as he prowls the streets at night.

Meanwhile, volume 3 of Dual Purpose Drama Library presents another eight original stories covering everything from romance and mystery to suspense and comedy.

The Broken Melody was specially adapted for radio by Allan Trevor from the best-selling novel by F.J. Thwaites and the title might sound familiar because it was also made into a motion picture by Cinesound in 1938. Set during the Great Depression, we meet young David Mason who comes from a rich pedigree. His ancestor was a pioneer of the district establishing Nullabean Station in 1827, and across four generations the Mason family have built up the property through hard work and sacrifice. Unfortunately, young David brings the family name into disrepute when he’s expelled from grammar school for taking drugs. When his father learns the truth David flees in disgrace unaware that those that he has left behind believe that he perished in a huge bushfire which threatened the very existence of Nullabean.

Left: There are more investigations in Spiral Ten Volume 5. Right: Journalist Randy Stone (Harp McGuire) continues to prowl the streets for his next big scoop in Night Beat volume 14.

David begins to rebuild his life on Thursday Island, he does his best to forget his past and after meeting an internationally famed concert pianist he heads for England where he forges a successful career as a cellist. Over many years David takes the long road back to respectability but in Australia his broken-hearted father Paul (Tom Farley) still believes that his son is dead. Paul has aged beyond his years having suffered the death of not only his son but also his wife, the pressures of running the family property through fire and drought have taken their toll, and Paul finally suffers a stroke but will he have the willpower to fight for survival. After learning of his father’s ill health, David decides to return home, but will he be accepted or will he be cast aside as an impostor by those he left behind so long ago.

David Mason is played at various stages in his life by Ray Hartley, Graham Hill and Ron Haddrick. Others in the cast include Moya O’Sullivan from Neighbours, Charles McCallum, Frank Waters and Ben Gabriel.

Left: More original stories can be heard in Dual Purpose Drama Library Volume 3. Middle: A family is torn apart by drugs in The Broken Melody. Right: Ron Haddrick plays David Mason as an adult in The Broken Melody.

The Passage of The Tangmar is an action-packed adventure set on the high seas. Six passengers board a cargo steamer called the SS Tangmar in Sydney bound for Jamaica, five of them are beneficiaries of a million pound will which will be divided equally between all those that arrive at the final destination alive. Not all of those aboard will survive the voyage and Dirk Kendall (Nigel Lovell) of Interpol who is working undercover as a First Officer must discover who is responsible for the death of another beneficiary. Others in the cast include Gordon Glenwright, Dinah Shearing, Don Pascoe, Lionel Stevens and Pat Crocker.

You can order The Man Who Came To Kill, Spiral Ten, Night Beat, Dual Purpose Drama Library, The Broken Melody and The Passage of The Tangmar on CD, USB or as a digital download from the Grace Gibson website.

Right: There is drama on the high seas in The Passage of The Tangmar. Left: Nigel Lovell stars as Dirk Kendall in The Passage of The Tangmar.

Photographs copyright IRS Grace Gibson Productions.

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