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Axed TV shows viewers would like to see return…


Axed TV shows viewers would like to see return…

Axed TV shows viewers would like to see return…

With the news ITV is putting life back into Deal or No Deal the media team at Betway have shared with ATV Today some of the most-loved TV shows that have been axed from the air, and using IMDb ratings, have ranked the shows which fans would most love to see return.

Axed TV shows returning to our screens certainly isn’t unheard of, Neighbours goes back into production next month after being dumped by Channel 5 last year, and its just one of many shows that come back from the grave to entertain a new audience. Challenge Anneka is another recent comeback having left BBC screens in the 1990s its now on Channel 5 while Crossroads has had two comebacks. The original aired for 24 years but ended in 1988. ITV tried to revive it twice in the 2000s while Blankety Blank has seen several revivals across the BBC and ITV, the same can be said of This Is Your Life.

Still Game – 8.9/10

Taking the top spot as the highest-rated axed TV series is Still Game, the cult Scottish comedy series that follows two pensioners, Jack and Victor, as they yearn for the good old days of the fictional area of Craiglang, Glasgow.

In July 2018, the BBC announced that Still Game would return for a ninth series in 2019. However, it was decided that it would also be its last.

Detectorists – 8.6/10

Detectorists follows the lives of two eccentric metal detectorists who spend their days plodding through nature, hoping to uncover the fortune of a lifetime. It stars huge actors Toby Jones and Mackenzie Crook.

Whilst it doesn’t sound like an exciting premise, the comedy was praised for its witty humour and clever writing. The show was axed after its third series, however, it surprisingly returned for a one-off special last year. Unfortunately, a fourth series is yet to be announced.

Broadchurch – 8.4/10 

Starring David Tennant and Olivia Coleman, the first series of Broadchurch takes place as the murder of a young boy in a small coastal town causes a media frenzy, threatening to tear the tight-knit community apart.

Broadchurch was cancelled in 2017 after its second and third series failed to captivate the audiences as much as the first, but fans still crave a return of D.I. Alec Hardy and D.S. Ellie Miller.

Poldark – 8.3/10

The period drama Poldark was a ratings hit for the BBC. The show follows Ross Poldark as he rebuilds his life after returning home from the American Revolutionary war, finding love and making new enemies at home.

Whilst Poldark was an extremely successful series for the BBC, the producers felt the story couldn’t go any further due to the source material containing a ten-year time jump, so instead ended it on a high.

Car Share – 8.3/10

Car Share was another ratings hit for the BBC. Starring Peter Kay and Sian Gibson, the comedy follows two colleagues on their commute to work daily, as they’re forced to car share.

To viewers’ surprise, Car Share was cancelled in 2018 by creator and star Peter Kay after just two series and a couple of special episodes. However, an audio episode of the show was broadcast during the pandemic in 2020.

The Crystal Maze – 8.1/10 

The Crystal Maze is a game show where six contestants play through a series of physical, mental, skill and mystery games across 4 themed zones, gaining as many crystals as possible.

The show originally aired in the early 90s with Richard O’Brien presenting, but was subsequently cancelled in 1995. Then in 2017, the show was revived with Richard Ayoade presenting and it was a huge success. However, the show came to an end yet again in 2020.

Mock the Week – 7.8/10 

Having been on the air since 2005, Mock the Week is a panel show presented by Dara O’ Briain and regular Hugh Dennis, that discusses and, as the title suggests, mocks the week’s news events with a lineup of comedians on the panel.

The much-loved show was suddenly axed in 2022, to the disappointment of fans and comedian guest stars. The show has always been known to be a huge platform for comedians that later became household names after their appearances, such as Michael McIntyre, Sarah Millican and John Bishop.

Benidorm – 7.5/10 

Finally, a TV show that many wish would come back to our screens is the ITV sit-com Benidorm. The comedy, which followed families and couples that went on the same package holiday to the Solana Hotel annually, was loved by millions of viewers.

The series was axed after its final season in 2018 as the ratings continuously fell over the years, but fans are dreaming of a new season featuring their favourite holidaymakers.

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