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Linda Nolan on coping with cancer


Linda Nolan on coping with cancer

Linda Nolan on coping with cancer

Today on ITV’s breakfast show Good Morning Britain Linda Nolan exclusively shared that she is beginning new treatment as her cancer has now spread to her brain. Linda bravely revealed the news and also shared she is hopeful, as she will be part of a new trial drug and along with family support she is optimistic about fighting the disease.

Linda opened the interview with hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley by saying, “I’ve always been open about my treatment and what’s happening in my life.

“We were recently papped and people have been getting in touch [asking], ‘What’s wrong?’ and I just want to tell you from me, unfortunately, sadly for me, my cancer has spread to my brain which I only found out on Monday.

“It’s obviously very frightening because there isn’t much help for brain cancer at the moment, apart from radiotherapy which I’m going to be having. But there is a new drug that’s been in use for a year for brain cancer and they’re going to trial me on that as a chemo drug with some other treatment.

“I’ve always been honest and I just wanted people to know my situation. I’m not giving up, I’m positive, I’m going to lose my hair again for a fourth time, so my sister said, ‘At least you’ve got some nice wigs now!'”

Linda also shared that she has moved back in with her sister following her new diagnosis, “I’ve moved back in with my sister to live.

“I was having falls. The cancer in my brain was affecting my balance and I had three quite nasty falls. So as usual, my amazing family – I’m back living with my sister Denise and her partner Tom, and Maureen – have been looking after me for the past two weeks. 

“I’ve bought a wheelchair and we’re getting stuff ready for the inevitable really. It’s a scary trip to be on this one.”

Linda and Friends, Linda Nolan, BBC North West 1994

Linda also shared that she didn’t know that her cancer had spread to her brain, as she didn’t have typical symptoms of brain cancer. “Because my speech hadn’t been affected or my vision, I wasn’t getting any headaches, I was praying it was something maybe to do with my spine. So really it was shock when he said it’s [cancer] in your brain.

“The hope is that with this new drug, that they’re hailing the wonder drug, the hope is that it’ll do wonders for me, please God. I can’t walk a long way at the moment so if I want to go out for some fresh air, I need a wheelchair.

“It’s [about] being practical and owning up that I have got this horrible disease. I don’t know how long I’ve got left and that’s not me being morbid – I don’t know, none of us know really.

“For me, it’s making the most of every day and spending it with people that I love. Being positive and saying I’ve beaten it before so hopefully, I can do the same again. Obviously with the great help that I’ve always got from the NHS.”

The Nolans perform on Top of the Pops / BBC

When asked by Richard if she felt angry with cancer, Linda replied, “Yeah I won’t lie, there are moments when I am in a heap in the corner crying and I try not to say, ‘Why me?’, because why not me? 

“So many people are suffering with this terrible disease, but I talk about it and I always have because maybe I can help someone at home who is on their own. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel angry, it’s okay to feel sorry for yourself but just don’t let it overtake you because then cancer’s winning everything, it’s taking your life from you.

“But yes, anger is there. You think, ‘How much more?’ And again, I don’t wanna push it on anybody else’s family but we’ve had such a lot of it in our family. So much heartbreak through it that sometimes you do go, ‘What have I done to deserve this?’ But I won’t let it beat me in that respect.”

Linda was best-known for performing with her sisters in the pop group The Nolans, with hits such as Attention to Me, I’m In the Mood For Dancing and Chemistry. In the 1990s Linda hosted her own series Linda and Friends from the Maggie Mays bar on Blackpool’s Central Pier for BBC North West.

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