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BBC World Service announces Fukushima audio drama


BBC World Service announces Fukushima audio drama

Fukushima, a new audio drama, narrated by Golden Globe nominated actress Romola Garai, which explores the 2011 Japanese nuclear disaster, is coming soon to BBC Sounds.

In March 2011, the largest earthquake ever recorded in Japan’s history triggered a tsunami which sent five to ten metre waves into coastal towns and cities, killing thousands. Water barrelled over the seawall protecting the Fukushima nuclear power plant, flooding its basements and cutting power. It led to the world’s most severe nuclear accident since Chernobyl.

The stricken power plant became a ticking timebomb, a threat to life in Japan and beyond. As the energy company and politicians in Tokyo lost control, the reactors became unstable and a “suicide squad” of older workers was sent inside.

Akiko is a journalism student who, 10 years after the disaster, goes in search of the story behind the headlines, of how it unfolded and the consequences for the country.

Fukushima was commissioned by the BBC World Service.

Simon Pitts, Commissioning Editor, BBC World Service English, said:

“Fukushima is a compelling drama that powerfully explores the 2011 disaster. Through the eyes of a young journalist the story follows events as they unfold, and interrogates the aftermath and the lasting effects. We’re thrilled to have a cast of brilliant and accomplished actors and crew to bring the story to life, and look forward to sharing Fukushima with our listeners across the world.”

Fukushima stars Togo Igawa, Ami Okumura Jones and Eiji Mihari. It was written by Adrian Penket and produced by Toby Swift and Sasha Yevtushenko.

The drama premieres on Monday 15 May 2023 and weekly thereafter on BBC Sounds as well as other podcast platforms. It will also be broadcast as a radio series on the BBC World Service weekly from Wednesday 31 May at 11:30 BST.

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