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Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 3rd May

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 3rd May

Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 3rd May

Your Pick of the Plots for Wednesday, May 3.

Phil finds Keanu badly beaten on the street. He rings for an ambulance as a distraught Sharon arrives on the scene.

At the hospital, Sharon shares her theory with Phil that Ravi did this but Phil isn’t convinced. When Karen arrives, she is quick to blame Sharon, but Bernie points out that Keanu is mixed up in things none of them know anything about.

Later, Nish sees a confrontation between Ravi and Sharon and realises his son is the attacker. As Nish berates Ravi for putting himself in a position to be thrown back inside, the police arrive at Walford East.

Meanwhile, Billy struggles to celebrate his birthday in the face of Lola’s deteriorating health. Overhearing Billy’s concerns, Lola decides to throw him a surprise party at The Vic. Despite Honey’s reservations, Lola is determined to pull off the party.

Later, Billy walks into The Vic to find all his friends waiting to surprise him.

Elsewhere, Sonia is getting increasingly fed up with Reiss’ coronation party talk, especially when Rocky makes a big romantic gesture for Kathy. She confides in Rocky, who suggests she and Reiss need to get to know each other better. Will Sonia finally tell Reiss that it’s her birthday on Saturday?

Also, Linda continues to resist Alfie’s efforts to get her to throw a coronation party.

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Paul asks Niall to give him another job. When Billy tries to make plans with Paul, Paul lies and makes out he’s already got plans with Dee-Dee. When Billy quizzes her about these plans, Dee thinks on her feet and covers for Paul.

A suspicious Dee-Fee follows Paul to Freshco’s car park where she finds him about to steal a car. Dee-Dee threatens to call the police, but Paul tells her he needs the money before speeding off. How will Dee-Dee get through to Paul?

Later, Paul corners Damon in the Bistro office and demands £25k or he’ll grass him up. Damon makes a call to his criminal contacts, urging them to shut down Paul’s attempt at blackmail.

Meanwhile, Sarah takes Adam for a birthday lunch at the Bistro. Adam tells Nick that there may be a problem with the late licence as some locals have raised objections.

Damon joins Adam and Sarah at their table, leaving Sarah squirming. When Maria lets slip that Sarah was one of those who raised objections about the late licence, Nick and Adam are furious but Damon enjoys her discomfort.

Elsewhere, Stephen offers to re-book their tickets to Vegas and reminds Elaine that he will need her passport. Will Elaine agree?

Also, Eric calls at the garage. Showing Aaron the keys to his new flat, he suggests Aaron should move back in with him.

Coronation Street, ITV1, tonight at 8pm

Mack awkwardly enquires about Reuben and he’s buoyed when Chloe asks if he’d like to join them for a walk.

Mack reels when Chloe tells him she’s taking Reuben back to Scotland.

Meanwhile, Nicky is incredulous when he finds out about Caleb’s new move.

Elsewhere, Tom struggles with his unresolved grief over his dad and there’s an awkward reunion when Jimmy and Nicola bump into him at The Hide.

Jimmy can’t hide his hurt at the thought of Tom avoiding him and Belle worries about Tom’s reticence.

Emmerdale, ITV1, tonight at 7.30pm

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