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Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 10th May

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 10th May

Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 10th May

Your Pick of the Plots for Wednesday, May 10.

Linda admits to Alfie that she has been lying to Sharon and the Panesars to keep them sweet in case her mystery buyer for The Vic falls through.

The Panesars arrive at The Vic with some associates to show off their new acquisition, so Linda decides to tell them the truth. Despite Suki’s fury, Nish plays down losing the deal to save face.

Things go from bad to worse for Linda when she comes clean to Sharon as well. Sharon rages at Linda’s betrayal just as the doors of The Vic are thrown open and the new co-owner of the Vic walks in – Linda’s mum Elaine.

Meanwhile, Kim’s full of anxiety as she prepares for court. Denzel tries to help her but soon realises Kim hasn’t told Howie about her panic attack. After suffering another attack, Kim rallies herself for court and is touched to see Howie and Denzel waiting to accompany her.

Kim’s solicitor reassures her that she has nothing to worry about but as the case goes before the judge, the verdict leaves everyone speechless.

Elsewhere, Sonia’s friends and family are on hand with advice about Reiss, but it’s Lola’s observation about love that really impacts her.

Also, Callum begs Ben to slow down with work, but he’s hell-bent on doing everything for Lola and Jay.

After a difficult day, Lola accepts she needs to stop working and tells Jay and Ben. Knowing it’ll be even more financially tough for them now; Ben agrees to do more overtime to cover their costs.

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When Ryan texts, Daisy replies. In a bid to put him off Crystal, she rudely makes out she can’t stand club music and prefers country. Ryan leaves a voice message for Crystal telling her that he too loves country music and he’s going to book a ticket and come out to Ibiza to see her. Daisy listens to it, horrified.

Later, when Daisy advises him against flying to Ibiza, Ryan is suspicious. Ryan buys her story that she had seen him looking at flights and suggests they go for a walk, asserting it’s time he faced the world.

As Ryan and Daisy return from their walk, Daisy suggests a drink in The Rovers. Ryan thanks Daisy for making him face his demons, and as they stare at each other, it’s clear their feelings go deeper.

Meanwhile, Beth tells Stephen she’d be interested in applying for the new supervisor role based in Norwich, prompting Fiz to reveal that Kirk is clearly missing her.

Later, Stephen calls Fiz into the office and offers her the supervisor job in Norwich, telling her it’ll be double the salary she’s on now. Tyrone tells Fiz that she should take it.

Elsewhere, Max refuses to share his troubles with David or Daniel.

Also, Amy feels sick as she watches Aaron in Victoria Garden, kissing a girl.

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Fed up with Cain’s messing, fuming Will sets his sights on retribution and confronts Cain at the garage but is forced to concede and apologise.

When Cain makes a remark about Kim, Will reacts with a punch and it looks like blood is going to be shed. Jimmy and Caleb stand between the duelling Will and Cain.

Meanwhile, Liam allows Mandy to set him up for online dating too. When Mandy gets a match herself, Vinny urges her to move forwards but Mandy can’t help but think of Paddy.

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