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Mother of 7 aims to be ‘First Woman to Climb all Seven Second Summits’


Mother of 7 aims to be ‘First Woman to Climb all Seven Second Summits’

This week, (Thursday, May  18th) record-holding mountaineer Jenn Drummond, mother of seven, left for her final climb of the Seven Second Summits.

She will be taking her climb to the world record at Mount Logan in Yukon, Canada. Once she reaches the top, she will officially become the First Woman to Climb the Seven Second Summits. Jenn will hold the world record for the first woman to summit the Seven Second Summits (2nd highest point on each continent.) She is currently the third American female to summit K2 and the second female to summit Mt. Tyree.

In 1986, American businessman Richard Bass landed in the record books by becoming the first person to climb the “seven summits,” the highest peaks from each continent. – CNN

With her 40th birthday on the horizon in 2020, Utah mother Jean Drummond decided to take her hiking skills to the next level, which has led to this massive challenge and record-breaking venture.

Jenn Drummond:

“I am feeling all the feels. This pursuit has been in my mind for a couple of years now, so to head into what could be the end of it is bittersweet. I want to have the record and be done. However, at the same time, the pursuit has given me so much purpose and fulfilment that it will be sad to be done with it all. Let’s be honest, though, waiting a year to get a second attempt has been a LONG YEAR!

“Last-minute details are being handled, which feels good. I think the crazy has all subsided, and now it is go time! Let’s make history! May following this journey cause you to reflect on your own and leave a trail of impact for others.”

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