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Dr. Staten Medsker, Jr Flexologist by day and rock star by night

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Dr. Staten Medsker, Jr Flexologist by day and rock star by night

RocknDoc’ Adjusts Spines, Shreds Guitars and Now Gives Practical Advice in Book

Dr. Staten Medsker, Jr., a Flexologist at StretchLab by day and rock star by night, goes by “RocknDoc” for obvious reasons. Medsker isn’t your average guy, maybe because he didn’t have an average role model (his father built the Batmobile, after all).

When he was a practising chiropractor, he was humbly considered the “chiropractor to the stars” because he adjusted over 600 of them in the last 30 years, including Mr. Universe (Mike O’Hearn), Weird Al, members of Journey, the Eagles and many others. It’s safe to say he learned a thing or two after three decades of adjusting the spines of musicians, athletes and desk jockeys alike.

Medsker is as familiar with common postural issues as he is with the songs he plays with his band (RocknDoc and the Back Bones). That’s why he wrote his book, How to Adjust Yourself and Avoid Seeing a Chiropractor. This book offers Medsker’s expert advice concerning the “three pandemic postural health issues of our society” as well as his exercise plan called the Stretch, Exercise, Traction (S.E.T.) Program.

Most people can relate to the three issues covered in the book, since 85% of the population will experience one or more in a lifetime, Medsker explains.

“These three issues cause headaches, low back pain and arthritis, as well as a whole host of secondary health issues, including the No. 1 reason for hip and knee replacement surgeries,” Medsker said. “These preventable and easily correctable conditions are an incredible strain on our health care system, but doctors are getting filthy rich on this ‘sickness care.'”

Whether it be “Upper Crossed Syndrome” from bending over electronics, “Posterior Pelvic Tilt” from sitting at a desk all day or “Twisted Pelvis” from the inevitable falls in life, nearly everyone can identify with at least one.

Readers can expect to learn practical ways to take charge of their own wellness with Medsker’s exercise regimen and self-manipulation techniques (for when a professional isn’t available).

“Tired of musicians going off on tour and ruining my work, I created a quick, easy and inexpensive exercise program they can do on the bus while traveling to their next gig,” said Medsker.

How to Adjust Yourself and Avoid Seeing a Chiropractor is an important read for anyone who wants to get back to rockin’ (or whatever it is they do), but especially for athletes, students and those who sit at desks all day.

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