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Pick of the Plots: Monday 22nd May

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Monday 22nd May

Pick of the Plots: Monday 22nd May

Your Pick of the Plots for Monday, May 22.

Stacey takes Lily into school to confront the headmaster about Lily’s bullying. While they are there, they spot Amy and Stacey invites her for a sleepover.

Stacey’s appearance at school causes a commotion among some pupils who have seen her Secret Cam page, and Amy soon tells Lily everything. An angry Lily arrives home and outs a mortified Stacey in front of the horrified Slaters.

Meanwhile, Jay prepares for Lola to come home. Ben struggles to accept Lola’s prognosis and questions whether leaving hospital is the best thing for her.

Later, Lola arrives home and is greeted by the residents of Walford as they rally around the family for support. After being previously snubbed by Billy, Sonia shares Reverend Mills’ number with a distressed Jay and encourages him to reach out to her for support for Lola.

Elsewhere, Freddie attempts to recruit a dream-team to participate in The Vic pub quiz and seeks help from an unlikely source.

Also, Ravi tries to befriend Finlay and Felix by sharing business advice in an attempt to win Chelsea back.

EastEnders, BBC One, tonight at 7.30pm or watch on BBC iPlayer now

Craig assures Faye that he would never report her to the police. He suggests they should buy a flat together and set a date for the wedding.

Jackson and Miley invite Faye for a last family outing before they leave but she can’t face it. Instead, she breaks down to Gary and admits that she wants to be with Jackson, but she can’t leave Craig because he knows something that could land her back in prison.

Meanwhile, Paul tells Dee-Dee how he’s come across a new drug on the internet which claims to cure MND. Hopeful, he visits the MND clinic hoping to discuss the new drug but without success.

Rita suggests that Gemma has a joint stag and hen do with Chesney to cut costs and she offers to put some cash behind the bar.

Elsewhere, Eliza’s belated birthday party gets underway in Speed Daal. Roy and Sam wow the party guests with a science display but their work is sabotaged by a jealous Hope.

Also, Aggie asks Steve and Tracy when they’re going to fix their roof and remove the scaffolding.

Coronation Street, ITV1, tonight at 8pm

Gabby makes another attempt to persuade Nicky to break their self-imposed celibacy.

Meanwhile, caught up in the moment after Anna Le Monde wins the Murder Most Murky New Crime Writer of the Year award, things get passionate between Wendy and Liam.

Elsewhere, after Bob tells Bernice that he’s always considered her beautiful, there’s a moment between them, before Bob quickly offers flustered Bernice a top up of her wine.

Reacting to their ever-growing chemistry and flirtation, Bernice is mortified after Bob rejects her drunken attempt to kiss him.

Also, Bear starts to think he might have a chance with Mandy.

Emmerdale, ITV1, tonight at 7.30pm

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