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Pick of the Plots: Tuesday 6th June

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Tuesday 6th June

Pick of the Plots: Tuesday 6th June

Your Pick of the Plots for Tuesday, June 6.

Elaine can’t decide what to do about George’s proposal as Linda implores her to end their relationship, convinced George is a gold-digger. In The Boxing Den, George seeks advice from Phil, who tells him to fight for what he wants.

Later, George and Elaine have a heart-to-heart about their future – will it be together or apart? Linda makes a discovery about George’s bar in Marbella and confronts him.

Meanwhile, Suki and Eve plot their escape. They scheme to get all the details of Nish’s dodgy deal and report him to the police.

Elsewhere, having sold The Arches, Ben focuses all his attention on Lexi, but she’s finding it hard to open up.

Also, Keanu is stunned when Sharon reveals she’s bought The Arches for him.

EastEnders, BBC One, tonight at 7.30pm or watch on BBC iPlayer now

Gabby reveals to Nicky how she wants him to officially adopt Thomas.

It is all too much for Nicky, who blurts out that he is gay and can’t go through with the wedding. Gabby is sideswiped by the news, totally distraught.

Meanwhile, Mandy is stunned when Bear moves in for a kiss. Bear is embarrassed to have got things so wrong.

Elsewhere, it’s Sarah’s 18th birthday.

Emmerdale, ITV1, tonight at 7pm

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