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More comedy ‘box sets’ added to iPlayer


More comedy ‘box sets’ added to iPlayer

Three further comedies are added to the BBC iPlayer today.

Dan McGolpin, Director of BBC iPlayer and Channels:

“The strangest gang in space are back on the BBC – with classic episodes of Red Dwarf right from the very beginning touching down soon. Whatever makes you chuckle, there is a series waiting for you on BBC iPlayer.”

Red Dwarf

The beloved sci-fi comedy was originally created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. 6 Music DJ Craig Charles stars as Dave Lister, a low ranked caretaker on board the city-sized mining ship Red Dwarf who finds himself the last remaining human being alive after an accident kills the rest of the crew. He wakes after 3 million years in suspended animation, his only companions the hologram of his pernickety and contemptuous bunkmate Rimmer, a creature that evolved from his pet cat, named Cat, ship’s computer Holly, and Kryten – an android they rescue from a shipwreck.

The series ran for eight series on the BBC from 1988 to 1997, before being revived on Dave for three full series and a feature length special titled ‘The Promised Land’. Red Dwarf hasn’t been on the BBC since 2007, and the revived series has never been shown on the BBC before.

12 series of Red Dwarf come to BBC iPlayer from today.

Red Dwarf had a successful revival on UKTV’s Dave

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

In this innuendo-filled sitcom, Kathy Burke stars as Linda La Plume, who shares her flat with aspiring actor Tom Farrell – as they each hunt for the perfect man, while remaining delusional about their own shortcomings.

All three series of Gimme, Gimme, Gimme come to BBC iPlayer from today.

Mister Winner

Sitcom following ironically named Leslie Winner, who, despite all his best intentions, is forever finding himself in disastrous situations. Starring Spencer Jones, Shaun Wlliamson, and Lucy Pearman.

All episodes of Mister Winner arrive on BBC iPlayer from today.

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