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Animated adventures of Moley for POP


Animated adventures of Moley for POP

The animated adventure series Moley, will premiere exclusively on UK Free TV on POP from October 2023.

The show takes us to the vibrant city of MoleTown to tell the story of Moley (voiced by Warwick Davis), the charismatic, buoyant Mole living in a burrow deep beneath Windsor Castle. Produced by Two Daughters Entertainment, Moley consists of twenty-six episodes following the adventures of MoleTown’s most famous mole as he manoeuvres himself through thrilling, yet tricky, situations. The show features an all-star voice cast of Stanley Tucci, Julie Walters, Charles Dance, Richard E. Grant, Gemma Arterton and more.

James Reatchlous, Creator of Moley:

“I came up with Moley as a bedtime story for my daughters years ago. Now they’re all grown up and Moley is touching more people’s lives than ever. It brings me great joy to think how many children will now be able to enjoy his magical adventures for free around the UK with the show coming to POP.”

Whilst we can look around and see what surrounds us every day, or cast our eyes upwards and see what happens above us high in the sky, we’ve never been quite sure of the wonders that take place deep down below The Great Above…

That’s where we find the mystical world of MoleTown, a thriving, hustling and bustling town deep beneath Windsor Castle, regarded by those living within it as the best and only place they could possibly wish to be.

Central to all that happens in MoleTown is its most beloved citizen, Moley. Whether he’s participating in a spicy chilli eating contest, learning to Molerskate to take part in the Great Mole Roll skating competition, or investigating rumours of alien visitors in MoleTown, you can be sure that Moley is always front and centre when it comes to the action in MoleTown.

However, whilst Moley may be the most in-demand mole in MoleTown, such fame and popularity naturally comes with its mountains and molehills. The endearing mole often finds himself in a spot of bother, particularly when The Gardener and his accomplice Squirm the Worm are nearby…

Thankfully he has his trusty comrades to help him navigate through the sticky situations he finds himself in. Whether it be the aid of his Mystical Manual of Magic (or Manny as Moley likes to call him), assurance from the stylish and cultured Mona Lisa, or the innovative inventions presented by his next-door neighbour Dotty and her prestigious uncle Mishmosh, Moley is well equipped with reliable best friends who support him on his journey. Together, Moley and his gang of dependable friends embark on plenty of lively, and sometimes nervy, adventures in their beloved MoleTown!

Moley will be available on POP and the POP Player from Monday 2nd October. POP is available on Freeview 206, Sky 614, or Virgin736 .

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