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Celebrities recreate schooldays photos for Children in Need


Celebrities recreate schooldays photos for Children in Need

A host of celebrity supporters have joined BBC Children in Need in the launch of this year’s schools fundraising campaign, including Olympian, Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, England Lionesses Chloe Kelly, Demi Stokes, Leah Williamson OBE and presenter and YouTube sensation, Harry Pinero.

To encourage teachers and children to raise money for the charity this year, they have recreated nostalgic photos taken when they were in school.

A teacher or mentor is often the first positive adult in a child’s or young person’s life – outside of their family. This year’s schools campaign celebrates school as a setting where children and young people can develop positive relationships.

Each celebrity has shared the story of their positive relationship from childhood to shine a light on the importance of having a mentor, teacher or family member that champions and inspires young people.

Leah Williamson

Encouraging schools to back this year’s campaign, England Lioness, Leah Williamson OBE, said:

“It’s so important for young people to have a positive relationship with a mentor – whether that’s a family member, a teacher or project worker to support them and to feel understood and that’s why I’m supporting BBC Children in Need’s 2023 Schools fundraising campaign and encouraging children up and down the country to fundraise and help make a positive difference young lives.”

Demi Stokes

Speaking about the importance of having a mentor, England Lioness, Demi Stokes, said:

“At school, a positive influence for me as a young person was my teacher, Mr Williamson. He was someone who I could always go to if anything was on my mind, he encouraged and believed in me, and always supported my interest in football.

“I can’t wait to see schools across the nation come together to support this year’s BBC Children in Need schools campaign and help make a difference to the lives of children and young people.”

Chloe Kelly

Speaking about her support of the charity’s schools campaign, England Lioness, Chloe Kelly, said:

“I think it’s important for young people to have a positive connection with a mentor, teacher or parent so they’re encouraged to be themselves, and feel comfortable to speak openly about anything that’s troubling them and enjoy their childhood.

“BBC Children in Need’s schools campaign sees schools up and down the country come together to support children and young people across the UK. This year schools can get involved by taking part in a Bearpees challenge or even a sponsored teachers versus pupils football match.”

Harry Pinero

Remembering memories of teachers who had a positive influence in his life, presenter, Harry Pinero, said:

“At school I had two teachers, Mr King and Mr HanIon who were a positive influence on me as a young man navigating the world around me. Mr King would always say to me, that we’re smarter than our situations, and that really stuck with me. Mr HanIon would also say to me don’t let people around you take you away from how smart you are.

“I was always laughing and joking with friends and had a strong community behind me, supporting me. This enabled me to believe in myself and that’s why I’m urging schools across the UK to get fundraising for this year’s BBC Children in Need schools campaign to help support young people in your local community.”

Jessica Ennis-Hill

Speaking about her memories of school, Olympian, Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, said:

“I really enjoyed my time at school when I was younger, I loved the school dinners! I made some of my closest friends and loved School Sports Day. I always had a positive support network of family, grandparents and fantastic PE teachers, who were very encouraging of my athletic journey.

“Having positive influences around me when I was younger always put in a good and happy headspace, that’s why I’m supporting BBC Children in Need’s schools fundraising campaign.

“You can get involved and change the lives of children and young people across the UK by taking part in your own fundraising activity like a sponsored fancy dress fun run, or a ‘teachers v pupils’ Bearpees challenge.”

Over 17,000 schools took part in BBC Children in Need fundraising last year, raising £5 million for children in need. By visiting, schools can sign up for a free supporter kit full of fundraising ideas, inspiration, tools, advice and educational resources.

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