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‘Microcosm of Brexit England’ in Seaside Special


‘Microcosm of Brexit England’ in Seaside Special

Tull Stories has announced that documentary, Seaside Special, will be coming to UK and Irish cinemas from 10th November

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside… or, rather, watching it on the big screen…

Director Jens Meurer:

“Thematically, Seaside Special is about more than Brexit: Cromer and it’s theatre tackle important current issues in culture on a local, human level: “real” live experiences vs. digital values, authenticity, community. Seen through the lens of Cromer, these issues are in focus and part of the answer to the question of what makes a healthy society these days.”

Seaside Specialnothing to do with the BBC One variety show of the 1970s and 80s –  is a portrayal of a place seemingly out of time, full of characters who couldn’t be more British. It is an affectionate homage, an up-close look at Britain’s last original end-of-the-pier variety show, and its local heroes preparing for the 2019 summer season. A tribute to handmade entertainment, with quintessentially English humour through German eyes and about community.

In the sleepy coastal town of Cromer in Norfolk, we meet a colourful cast of inspiring and original characters and experience a microcosm of modern Britain in the midst of tremendous change during Brexit.

Shot on crisp 16mm Kodak film, Seaside Special delves into a ‘microcosm of Brexit England’ and reflects on the impact of the changing political landscape as the company prepares for their grand summer finale – in a chaotic and divisive climate of uncertainty and change. Ultimately, this is a film about community and acceptance.

Written and directed by Jens Meurer, most well known for his Oscar-nominated production of The Last Station and Black Book, the film is a German-Belgian co-production with a brass band score by the Fabulous Steve Willaert Brass Band. Featured in festivals across the globe the film was also winner of the Cambridge Film Festival Audience Award and a received “Special Mention” at the Hofer Filmtage 2021.

TV Critic Vivian Summers:

“Shame its not a period movie set in the 1970s when the Beeb’s Seaside Special was drawing in millions of viewers across the summer weekends. I mean who wouldn’t want to see reimaged Tony Blackburn singing to a lion in a circus tent? …Come to think of it, I think the ‘microcosm of Brexit England’ movie sounds far better. “

Seaside Special, will be coming to UK and Irish cinemas from 10th November

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