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Paul is desperate for answers in Neighbours

Pick of the Plots

Paul is desperate for answers in Neighbours

Today in Erinsborough…

JJ’s mums are worried after he’s taken off on Mike’s motorbike. Andrew offers to help in the search, but when JJ runs out of petrol, he contacts Cara to come and collect him. He confesses his fear and hope that Andrew is his biological father. When they finally return to the street, the DNA results are revealed…

Paul is increasingly suspicious of Reece after he sees her driving Krista’s car.

Desperate for answers, Paul becomes fixated on exposing whatever Reece is hiding. After making an outlandish decision that affects everyone in the complex, he thinks he’s found what he’s been looking for.

Haz and Mackenzie have a moment of connection that’s broken by Holly and her determination to get onto Haz’s radar. When she suggests hanging out at the Waterhole for some pool, Haz convinces a reluctant Mackenzie to join them. Is this the moment Haz will finally start to notice Holly?

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