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Pick of the Plots: Thursday 2nd November

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Thursday 2nd November

Pick of the Plots: Thursday 2nd November

Your Pick of the Plots for Thursday, November 2.

Sharon is distraught as the police launch an investigation into Albie’s disappearance. The residents of Walford organise a search party.

Keanu tries to throw the police off the scent by bringing up Dorian and his recent threats. The police follow up on this line of enquiry.

Later, Sharon and Keanu are comforting each other when Zack finds a note pushed through the door demanding £50,000 for Albie’s safe return.

Meanwhile, when he spots Rocky heading into the bookies, Harvey takes drastic action.

Elsewhere, Ben fears Lexi will face more heartache as the police arrive at the hospital with questions about Jay’s accident.

EastEnders, BBC One, tonight at 7.30pm or watch on BBC iPlayer now

Despite everyone’s alibi being established, Lydia remains troubled that someone is being deceitful.

Unable to bear Lydia’s upset, a guilt-ridden Sam reveals there’s more to his version of events.

We finally find out what really happened to Craig that night.

Emmerdale, ITV1, tonight at 7.30pm

When Lucas purposely smashes an expensive bottle of wine, James responds by shouting at him. Things get worse when Ste walks in during the argument.

Finding it hard to keep up the charade, James goes to tell his husband the truth – but will he go through with it?

Later, James presents Ste with an invitation to the Harcourt ball.

Meanwhile, Sienna takes Sophie to the manor to see Rafe, where a rude comment from Camilla sees her and Dilly banished from the room. Later, Rafe asks Sienna to join him at the ball.

Sienna bumps into Ethan in the park and tells him Rafe has made it clear it’s her who he’ll propose to. Heartbroken but wanting Sienna to be happy, Ethan wishes her luck. In The Loft, Ethan confesses to Darren that he still loves Sienna.

Hollyoaks, E4, tonight at 7pm

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