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Melanie begins to tell her story in Neighbours


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Melanie begins to tell her story in Neighbours

It’s a flashback week of specials…

When Neighbours returned, it jumped two years ahead from the series finale on Channel 5. Now across this week the Erinsborough residents ‘flash back’ to this year to explain what happened between those missing months.

Melanie begins to tell her story, going back two years, the day before her wedding to Toadie.

Through flashbacks, we learn that Krista had turned up on Ramsay Street and met up with Melanie later that night. Melanie previously worked as a housekeeper for Krista’s family in the UK, and while she is glad Krista has cleaned up her act, it is too risky to have her in her new life with Toadie.

On the night of Melanie and Toadie’s wedding, Krista shows up again and asks Melanie for money. A reluctant Melanie agrees to help, on the condition that Krista leaves her alone. The day after the wedding, Melanie steals the takings from The Drinks Divas van and gives Krista the cash.

In the present day, Terese is threatened by Melanie’s presence, however, Toadie assures her that nothing Melanie says will change anything. Following the revelation that Melanie is wanted on drug charges in the UK, Terese wants to call the police. Melanie insists she will go to the authorities, but discloses that there are a lot more people involved in the situation, including Holly, who reveals that she and Melanie have just realised a shared connection.

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