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Paul gets into the festive spirit in Neighbours

Pick of the Plots

Paul gets into the festive spirit in Neighbours

A new week in Erinsborough…

Byron is thrilled to finally book his trip overseas to meet up with Reece, however, Mackenzie has private doubts that Byron’s feelings are reciprocated. Mackenzie’s torn about whether to voice her fears, but when Byron suggests he’s planning a long-term stay, she questions if Byron and Reece are on the same page regarding their relationship. Byron is annoyed with her, but sadly Mackenzie is soon proved correct as Byron receives a star chain necklace from Reece as a break-up present.

Devastated, Byron leans on Mackenzie for comfort and they have a boozy night out, culminating in a heated moment between the friends. Are these two about to hook up?

Chloe crumbles under pressure from Nicolette and reveals what she’s been hiding. Nicolette is supportive but then realises Chloe is thinking about taking a job at Lassiters without telling Elly, in order to avoid being a burden. Nicolette’s about to take matters into her own hands and tell Elly, but thinks better of it, pushing Chloe to do the deed instead. Chloe now has a confronting conversation with Elly on the horizon.

Paul is determined that the Lassiters Christmas Fair will be a success, however, a family breakdown mars his evening when David avoids him like the plague. Chloe also has unwelcome news – Santa has cancelled.

They come up with Plan B and put Paul in the Santa suit. While he has a lovely moment with his granddaughters, the distance with David still smarts.

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