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Mike is disappointed in Neighbours

Pick of the Plots

Mike is disappointed in Neighbours

Tuesday in Erinsborough…

The morning after their booze fest, Mackenzie and Byron awake in bed together. When Haz sees Byron emerge from Mackenzie’s room wearing next to nothing, he assumes they hooked up and finds himself in a sulk. Meanwhile, Holly is privately keen to see Mackenzie moving on romantically and quickly shares the gossip with Sadie. Mackenzie is baffled when Sadie brings up the supposed hook up with Byron.

Untangling the crossed wires, she explains that they were drunk talking but nothing happened. She and Byron are strictly friends. When Mackenzie goes to broach the false rumour with Haz, his jealousy prompts him to go on the attack before she can set him straight, suggesting that Mackenzie took advantage of Byron. Staggered, Mackenzie calls Haz out on his hypocrisy…

Terese and Jane put their heads together, preparing the pitch for their co-development, ignoring any awkwardness stemming from their previous conflict. The pressure amps up when the only suitable time for their Council presentation is one week away. Knowing this is her last chance to resurrect the school, Jane guiltily admits to Mike that she has to call off her visit to him, to help Terese prepare a watertight pitch. Mike insists he understands, but is privately gutted. Meanwhile, Terese is still hurt from Jane’s words of late, and admits to Toadie she’s struggling with the collaboration. But luckily Jane realises they can’t go forward without addressing previous hurt and offers a deeply heartfelt apology to Terese, which prompts the start of a thaw.

Cara has filled Remi in on the fact David is no longer a practising doctor and a curious Remi seizes an opportunity to quiz Karl on what happened. He admits David lost his license after making a questionable decision regarding the care of a patient. Remi wants more detail and consults the internet, learning that David failed to provide care for someone at the scene of a bus accident, and as a result, the person died.

She’s horrified, concluding that no doctor has the right to withhold care – as far as she is concerned, David is unforgivable.

Neighbours, streaming from 7.30 am today on Freevee in the UK

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