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Bob oversteps the mark with Kim in River City

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Bob oversteps the mark with Kim in River City

This week in Shieldinch…


It’s the morning after the night before and Sonny is hungover. He panics when Caitlin unexpectedly returns and lies about Maggie’s whereabouts – the truth is, he doesn’t know and isn’t sure if she’s back drinking again.

Sonny goes looking for Maggie but when he draws a blank, he’s forced to reveal all to Caitlin who rages at him for encouraging her mother to drink.

Elsewhere, Mikey encourages his boyfriend to bond with Bernie. However, the day gets off to a bad start when Jonathon’s obsession with true crime offends. Enthusiastically discussing the recent spate of pensioner murders, Jonathon’s glee irks Bernie and Suzie. He makes amends by taking Bernie to Drag Bingo but Gillian stirs suspicions and makes Mikey paranoid about his boyfriend.

Madonna discovers a song from Sam’s past has been sampled by a DJ and is fast becoming a social media success. However, to her surprise, Sam’s reluctant to find out how the DJ got the song in the first place.

On the edge, Mikey jumps to the conclusion Jonathon could be a serial killer.


On the edge, Mikey jumps to the conclusion Jonathon could be a serial killer. He confides in Mulvaney about his suspicions who, far from calming things down, only makes matters worse. Convinced his mother Bernie is Jonathon’s next target, Mikey turns detective, leading to a startling accusation.

Elsewhere, Scarlett is devastated when Callum loses his visitation rights following a fight in the secure unit.

Riled from the bad news, Scarlett takes out her frustration on Madonna, lashing out at the teen and her boyfriend Dean. Mortified by her mother’s outburst, Madonna calls Scarlett a hypocrite, putting their newfound family harmony at risk once again.

Bob’s ecstatic to discover Kim has a new job at the local hospital and plans to move back to Shieldinch. Desperate to help out, Bob takes matters into his own hands but oversteps the mark with his ex-wife.

River City, Monday and Wednesday on the BBC Scotland HD, 10 pm and Tuesday and Thursday on BBC One Scotland at 7 pm

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