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Terese is delighted in Neighbours

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Terese is delighted in Neighbours

A new week in Erinsborough…

It’s Nell’s fifteenth birthday, and Terese is delighted when she loves her custom T-shirt. But the mood takes a downturn when a power outage strikes Ramsay Street, scuttling plans for Nell’s party. A change of venue is suggested by Paul; but luckily for everyone a better offer, for a fully powered party is offered, this accepted location however causes unexpected contact between Toadie, Terese and Melanie.

David is surprised when Krista lets him know she’s decided to check herself out of rehab, after only a week and a half. He speculates with his family that the reason could be her wanting to go to the states for her father’s funeral. David prepares himself to see her, unsure of what state she’ll be in. But when Krista arrives, her new appearance takes everyone by surprise…

Neighbours, streaming from 7.30 am today on Freevee in the UK

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